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Nhayah Goode is a naturally gifted, versatile vocalist and spirited writer, born in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her second language is music, she has a background in Radio and Television Broadcasting, and Nhayah has also served in the U.S. Army and is an Iraq Combat Veteran, currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.

Nhayah's pseudonym is #TheLowkeySinger and one of the reasons she describes herself as such, is because she is a contralto and she has always been low-key about singing, but would never hesitate to sing if asked. She is a songwriter and has a collection of songs available to be streamed and downloaded on all digital music platforms. 

Nhayah is an author, sometimes theater actress, podcasting, astrology enthusiast. She has been in four stage-plays and has a couple of credits on IMDB. The Stage-play Tempest, in which Nhayah played a cold blooded Antagonist, is on DVD at and is available to be streamed on AmazonPrime. She just wrote her first book, The Savagery of Astrology, An Astrological Satire and it is also available on She has a colorful and diverse blog called #TheGoodieJarBlog, a collection of erotica called The Sensual Stories and her writing has been published in Central Texas' The Underground Monthly and Kontrol Magazine in Atlanta. Nhayah is currently the horoscope writer and journalist for Sheen Magazine.

Stay tuned for more of what Nhayah has on her broad horizon. She loves and thanks everyone for their continued love and support. 

Love Always. Ase. 

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