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Polygyny or Nah?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Polygyny, the practice in which a man has more then one spouse. Ok, so what's the big deal? The man has two women that actually coexist, they know each other and are capable of being in a friendship with another woman and the man. Some men do this already, but the women act like they don't know it's going on. What happens if it's right out there in the open and the women are completely content loving the same man and they build an amazing friendship and village in the process? I think if the people involved are mature enough, then it's a completely feasible and satisfying union.

I get it, who doesn't want to be the only woman or man? I've always had that idea and I still love it, but I'm also open to the idea of a polygynous relationship with the right type of man and woman. Who told us that relationships only had to have two people in it in the first place? Now this is what MY kind of polygynous relationship would be. It would NOT mean sex between the two women, nor sex between all three of them, because I'm not into women in a sexual manner, although I believe women are absolutely beautiful. Is that selfish, that the man has two wives sexually and the women only have their one man? Perhaps, if you're thinking of it in a strictly sexual manner. If you prefer a polyandry union, which is the practice of one woman with two men, then do you boo boo! Right now, I'm discussing a man and two women.

What would be the purpose of one man and two women? In my opinion, it's nation building and it's cohesiveness. All three are really good friends, have had thorough and open communication, and they are completely satisfied with the situation. Listen, I don't have a thorough thesis on why this could work, I'm just saying in our culture and in the past, people made it happen and it was beautiful. I found a few articles that support my idea that will give you more thorough information, just click on the highlighted links. Polygenous relationships were the social normal in Hebrew society and the African continent (which are pretty much the same). Pretty much anywhere where Black and Brown people were, polygynous relationships were what built empires. With the Black Hebrews, they considered polyandry adultry, but polygyny was accepted. The reasons why polygyny became less normal is because the wicked Roman Empire came around and reversed everything and in our heavily conditioned state, we followed their way of life. We must return to our Throne.

In most polygynous relate-tionships, (People forget you have to relate to one another to be in a relationship) there is the main wife, which is considered the head wife and most of the time, that main wife seeks the other wives. Of course, in order for this to work, everyone has to genuinely accept and respect it. I have asked men if they could be in a loving, open relationship with two women who actually know and love each other and the typical, immature response is, “Nah”. One man said, “I can’t make two women orgasm.” Is it that some men only agree with having multiple Women only if it’s in secret?

Really, why don’t we do what we want? We decide Our vibes. F**k society. My favorite comedian, Deray Davis, currently has this type of relationship with his two girlfriends, Ashley Coco and Karyta Santos. Karyta is the new girlfriend, because he did have a different one by the name of Caro Peguero and they had a little reality show for a minute, but Ashley Coco has been there from the beginnng. She’s the head wife. Deray must know he can't handle 4, because he's maintained just the two. I’ve been following them for a while and they appear to have a good time and mesh well together. All relationships have their ebb and flow.

I would love to know some of your thoughts on this and if you would consider it or actually do it? I just want to say though, if you would consider a ménage à trois, then consider a genuine, quality relationship with three or more if that's your cup of tea. The LGBTQIA has created, normalized and forced acceptance of various forms and terms of lifestyles for people, yet polygyny is still instantly disagreed with. How interesting.

Don’t be a fool. Again, this kind of lifestyle isn’t for the immature or weak hearted. There is plenty of love to go around. Love has no limits.

With Love...

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