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Women on Women Violence

Women, women, women. Are ya’ll tired of being bad bitches yet? Some of you really enjoy acting like the bad bitch that you loudly and wrongly claim to be. Just like some bad dogs (a person who is subservient to another), a fox (a person who baffles or deceives) or a damn otter (a word the LGBTQ use to describe a small, hairy gay man). Based off of these definitions, some of you are precisely that. Humans are obsessed with using these low vibrating words and phrases.

Women, why haven’t you evolved that infamous phrase about yourself? #TheGoodieJarBlog does not agree with bad bitches and is referencing those that subscribe to this. What is wrong with being a good woman, a Goddess, a boss lady, or even a good witch (etymologically: a wise woman who conjures)? Honestly, all that bad bitch shit must go. Sage it and tell it to be on its way. This Bad Bitch, fuck all these bitches, I’ll take your man mentality has the Woman/Sisterhood messed up. Periodt. You might not catch a vibe with everyone, but what is all this other shit? Some of you act like you are in silent and sometimes energetically loud af battles, with every woman you meet, and you are losing an unnecessary war within yourself. You ask for men to nurture and inner stand ya asses and you barely apply that same Grace to others that are anatomically built like you. You know that kind of energy is felt right? We can feel you. What if hating, side eyeing, and evil eyeing other women, was also reflecting that onto yourself? You can dislike someone, without hating on them. It sounds something like, “Yeah so and so is cool, our vibes weren’t aligned though,” and Let that be it. Let’s talk about some of the ways we got to this point.


Stop trying to control how other Women feel. Women need to allow other Women to have their emotions. Women, we have a lot going on mentally, physically, spiritually, all up in our mind bodies and souls. Women, stop being emotionally selfish towards each other. We are the mothers of this planet. People who say shit like, “Well, I didn’t feel like it was that way,” Shut the fuck up. Know this, we all do not feel the same, because if we did, then there wouldn’t be so much damn emotional confusion. Learn to nurture and love a little more in the same way you know you want others to love and nurture you when you want and need it. #TheGoodieJarBlog isn’t trying to emphasize race to trigger anything, however, it is true that white women get hella leeway to have their rage and tears. Black Women are expected to be controlled and resilient and we also apply that pressure amongst ourselves.


This, act like a woman, think like a man mindset, is some bullshit. Men and Women who subscribe to this are distorted af, because they refuse to respect and see femininity for what it is, and they are currently enduring some heavy karma and atonement because of the bullshit they chose to inflict on Women. The phrase, “Act like a Woman, think like a Man,” is comparable to the “I don’t see race,” misused and ignorant phrase. Men and Women have to see Women and value them for what feminine energy came here to be. Has anyone asked, why Men and this society is so desperate and obsessed for Women to think like Men, meanwhile so many Men are trying to look like Women? Right now, Men need to think like Women for a little minute and where the hell is the book for that? After the Matriarchy, most men were commanded by some fool to be emotionless, toxically selfish, and physically violent. Men were conditioned to go and make money, flaunt it, lure women, and then mistreat them and complain about how women only want their money. We are different for a reason, even whilst we all possess feminine and masculine energetic duality.


#TheGoodieJarBlog knows Women empowerment can’t just be about $100 or more tickets to a woman empowerment event, where the illusion of Woman empowerment is discussed, without having a candid conversation about why there is so much hateration and holleration in the dancery. It can't just be about glorifying Beyonce, but vilifying the women you actually know? Women have to hold themselves accountable for how some of us have contributed to woman-on-woman trauma. Men have mostly terrorized and traumatized feminine energy since they realized we were more powerful than them, which was also around the same time Melaninated people forgot their royalty and power. Ladies, why did we double down on this?


Why are you looking at her like that? You’re over there, looking at her like this, then you let your bad mind think some bullshit and you’re still watching and following. A woman could be marinating in her own litness and privately irate at another because she’s lit too. If you’re one of those, sit and ask yourself why does her litness amplify your insecurities? Wtf does her litness have to do with your litness? Like Gloria Pritchett, played by Sophia Vergara, said in an episode of Modern Family, “Your thunder is your thunder, and my thunder is my thunder.” Stop being mad at another woman’s thunder because you refuse to tune into your inner Shango.

When you’re allowing those shady ass thoughts to slip through, do you shady girls ever stop for a moment of positivism and think to yourselves, “Damn, WE are lit!” without condition? It doesn’t always have to be, she’s lit, but then a low vibrational, why, and how did she do it? Or she’s lit but look at her eyebrows. The Shadists can barely recognize and celebrate your litness because their goofy assess don’t believe in their own litness. Which is crazy to #TheGoodieJarBlog because how is that assisting you with your manifestations and blessings? Wouldn’t you rather be in awe, then in ugh over another Woman’s Lituation?


Would you believe, some Women secretly hate their daughters, stepdaughters, nieces, or that girl over there, simply because they are a beautiful reflection of them, but those women can’t see it? They hate their reflections due in large part to lack of love from the men they chose. How can you receive love outwardly when you hate that which comes from you, Sis? That’s why these men don’t love you how you want to be loved, because of your lack of love for yourself and your reflections.

Remember some of our mean ass aunts and their friends calling us fast and looking at us crazy because the next gen now have bodies that used to look like theirs and the next gen are attracting attention they want, so now they’re mad. Look how you, next gen, are perpetuating that same disgusting energy with random women or even those who are close to you? Stop it. Nurture and love, it’s that simple.

Sis, WE Run The World and we need to stay in formation, or whatever Beyonce said. It’s been time for us to truly take back our throne and we should have never given it away. We, especially the Melaninated Woman, was influenced into submission just to be in a romantic relationship and feel safe with a man. It’s always been about the balance of the sexes, not the battle, no matter what this wild ass, depreciating patriarchy says. Men and Women should be powerful together and together, Women are omnipotent.

#TheGoodieJarBlog | Love, Nhayah.

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