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WARNING EXPLICIT: What’s P*ssy Gotta Do With It?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

One thing about me is, I’m not for all the “battle of the sexes” shit. I am very much pro the Balance of the Sexes. Meaning, I am all about the divine balance of the divine feminine and masculine energy that loves, creates, nourishes and is powerful together. None of this toxic gender competitiveness and none of that submissive bullshit. Real quick, since most of you just run off with words, like conspiracy and minority, with extraordinarily little knowledge on what they truly mean, versus taking the time to read and overstand definitions, let me remind you that the word submission literally means: yielding to a superior power source and relinquishing your power.

Why is it always emphasized that Women need to feel like submission is the Birkin Bag of how to have a stable romantic relationship? Listen, I’m not doing that, ok? I am not “yielding to a superior power source” in love or in business or at 7-Eleven. What I will do is become more relaxed and positively vulnerable in love, specifically with a divine Masculine, who I feel safe with because he is ready to be a protectionist of not only the body, but the mind and heart as well, and vice versa. Reciprocity is a must. I genuinely believe this is what Women really mean when they misuse the word submit, due to conditioning by an extremely toxic patriarchy, as if that is the key to a perfect partnership.

On the topic of the radical misuse of words, lets segue to the word Pussy, shall we? I gotta tell ya and if you have been following me for a while, you know that “I gotta tell ya” is one of my favorite white phrases to use, because when a white person is about to tell you some real shit, they preface it with, “I gotta tell ya,”. So yeah, I gotta tell ya, this shit is out of hand. Every time I turn around while streaming and/or youtubing the few shows, videos, and people I do watch, I’m hearing Men radically misusing the word “Pussy” as if I’m hearing it for the first time. The biggest way it is misused, is to identify a Man in terms of cowardice, weakness, disrespect and uselessness. You’ve heard them before: “Man, you’re a pussy,” and “Don’t be a pussy,” and finally, the oh so infamous, “They, he and she is a pussy.” Pussy is not derived from the word Pusillanimous, which means timid and the pronunciation is quite different. The etymology of the word Pussy goes something like this. "Puss", with the extra s, was first used to identify a cat. If we’re talking cats versus dogs, cats go harder than most dogs in these streets. Don’t Argue. Later in the 19th century, Puss turned into Pussy, simply because when a woman's genitalia has hair on it, it's comparable to something soft and furry, like a cat. Finally, as homosexuality became more exposed, research shows that the first time Pussy was used in reference to Men, is to identify a homosexual male. My question is, what does a Woman's genitals have to do with the shit you’re talking about?

Men can’t wait to make little videos, telling Women we only hear what we want to hear, emphasizing how toxic that can be, but look at the way some of ya’ll identify our precious portal. Women may hear what we want to hear, but Men act as if listening costs a million dollars. We have told ya’ll this before: Pussy is not weak. And you know this…Man! Pussy does not need to be disrespected and is not useless. Have you forgotten that most of you Men spend most of your lives trying to run back inside the Pussy? Run right back inside of it for safety, comfort, pleasure and sometimes just simply to get your little dick wet. So, at what point is Pussy weak? I know you’re not talking about when Pussy decides to be patient with you, however, I know our patience is most often radically misconstrued as oblivion. Additionally, patience is one of the most powerful things ever.

Pussy is healing and revitalizing. Pussy chooses to absorb deep penetrations, poundings, bangings, that have the propensity to provide pure pleasure and omnipotent orgasms. Well sometimes, if the Pussy and the Penis go good, not well for my grammatic fanatics, but go good together. Pussy has to do wild shit like bleed every month and when pussy is granted that divine gift of a child, pussy has to push and sometimes split. I said the pussy has to sometimes split, wide open, during childbirth and then, like magic, return to normal. I’ll never forget when my Mom told me that shit. Sheesh. Tell that to your daughters to prevent teen pregnancy.

I want to keep this blog light, so I won’t go into detail on how Pussy is sometimes violently attacked and traumatized from entitlement to birth control to rape. Why, birth control? Well, if sexual responsibility was emphasized and instructed versus fear of pregnancy, then there would be no need to control birth by contraception. What, pray-tell, do I mean by sexual responsibility? Well, stop letting Men just ejaculate inside of you, especially if you’re not ready for a child and you don’t see yourself creating a child with that Man. Too easy.

Good Pussy is one of the most durable places on Earth. Then all of a sudden, some Man with a limp dick and I don’t care how long and thick it is, it’s limp in the moment of the shit talking, all of a sudden, he decides to call somebody a Pussy. Again, why in the hell are some of you even using a Woman’s body part in such a derogatory and abusive manner? If you are so inclined to use genitalia as a damn reference or indication of some bullshit, just refer to your own limp ass body part. Men are using a part of the Woman’s body as a fucked up slang word, when they could just look down and use what they’ve got for a reference. Try that. At least a limp dick actually applies to the type of weak shit some of you keep using the powerful word Pussy for.

Essentially, when you’re calling someone a Pussy, you’re exalting them by identifying them as a powerful, enduring, wet and pleasurable, blossoming flower. Now, I’m clearly not talking about those unhealthy and destructive Vaginas, like the ones most of those Kardashians sit on. Powerful Pussies and Yummy Yonis only. That type of Punani makes the world go around. Last time I checked, Pussy is the only genitalia that is proceeded with the word Power, anything else, is just being a Dick.

The Last Word: Here are some other words and phrases to use when describing some weak ass shit. Punk, weak, lil bitch, stupid, dumb ass, and in the words of Vegeta: moron, imbecile and idiot...NOT PUSSY.

Love, Nhayah

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Yesss sis!!! On POINT. I'm bouta send this to everybody.

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