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The Sensual Stories: The Joyride

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The sky was clear and blue, like lapiz and the foliage, bold and green like malachite. Traffic on the route was flowing smoothly and everywhere the sun touched, things scintillated. She was sitting on his passenger side. Her feet were propped up on the dashboard. Golden, thick thighs sparkling whenever the sun beamed off them. Her left hand was lightly massaging the back of his head and neck, fingers combing through his thick, curly hair.

His right hand was in its resting place on her leg, fingers occasionally tracing her silky skin. His eyes, deep and brown like mother earths rich soil, were concentrated on the road. A fitted shirt adorned his sinewy upper frame. She could never really keep her hands off of him. He was her gift that kept giving. Grassroots reggae was playing throughout their jeep and a joint wafted in the ashtray. They were approaching the seventh hour on their road trip when she started touching herself.

She pulled her lace mini dress up and slid her panties to the side. Spreading her legs, she got into her self. Her beautiful hands opened her vaginal lips and her yonis elixir began seeping to the surface.

He looked over at her, his concentration shifting, then he squeezed her thigh and looked back at the road. Divine timing presented several wide shoulders for rest stops and an exit was approaching. While he scanned, she took his hand that held her thigh and put it between her legs, applying pressure. She bit her bottom lip.

She slipped the wet hand she had touched herself with down into his pants and he adjusted himself in his seat allowing for more coverage. He slowed down and changed lanes. She groped his phallus and pulled him out. He got off at the nearest exit.

Unbuckling her seatbelt, she leaned over into the drivers seat, saturating and slurping his penis as if it was the juiciest mango she ever had. One for the road. He sucked in air with his teeth and licked his delicious lips. His grip tightened on the steering wheel. He finally found a private enough spot and parked.

When she felt the truck stop, she took one more mouthful and sipped slowly. He was finally able to put his hands on her. He moved her hair out of her face and sensually kissed her mouth. In one smooth and familiar movement, she climbed over to the drivers side and mounted him, putting him inside of her. She pulsated in pleasure. He squeezed her ass and hips and she straddled him even deeper. He said her name, squeezing the small dip in her back and she joyfully rode him. Nice and slow.

She leaned back against the dashboard and his hands slid up her stomach, licking her sweet, sweat between that valley and he squeezed her breasts, kissing and flicking his tongue on her nipples. She looked down so she could see it; their bodies coming together. Her wetness glistening on his penis. She plunged deeper onto him, swaying her hips to the snare of the ska reggae bumping through the speakers, saying his name in between moans.

She leaned into him, voluptuous breasts touching his chest and he smacked her ass. He could feel it coming and he wrapped his arms around her as tight as her pussy felt on his dick. She pirouetted her hips on his penis, thrusting onto him. She sucked his neck and pumped again. Their bodies burst pleasure filled bubbles and ecstasy erupted through them. They sat in it for a minute.

As she dismounted him, he was face to face with her yoni. It was wet and succulent from their pleasure. As awkward of a position as it was, he took advantage of it, gripping her ass, putting all of her fountain on his face and letting his tongue dive into her. He felt the chills course through her body and she eagerly moved her hips in motion with his tongue. She propped her leg in the space between the drivers side door and seat, opening wider for him.

His mouth was fully sucking her, tasting her, nearly devouring her, as if he hadn’t had her in weeks. Her hand was lightly pressed on the back of his head, her hips and his tongue were moving in satisfying symmetry. She moaned and yearned, saying, “It’s yours,” or “So good,” until she erupted once more. It was as if he felt her orgasm on his tongue, the way the vibrations permeated through her body. They sealed the love they made with a kiss.

Pleased and back in their places, they continued their ride together, headed to the next experience on their joyous journey.

Love, Nhayah.

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