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The Sensual Stories: The Beach

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The sensual couple held hands as they strolled the shore of the island. Loving energy between them was swirling around like an ethereal breeze. Love literally in the air. The last of the warm sun was descending slowly down the pink and orange sky. Silky sand, sparkled like citrine crystals beneath their feet. He stood just a few perfect inches taller then her, with strong, powerful shoulders and arms and sturdy, chiseled calves. Her thick locs rested on her full breasts and gold waist beads draped her smooth stomach and succulent hips.

The day had been wonderful for them. They had spent it eating, exploring the island and simply loving on each other. Sharing sweet kisses. A playful squeeze here, a soft nibble there. A deep gaze into each other, followed by more sweet kisses. Love and passion, radiating from them like the sun.

They were an attractive couple. A melaninated reflection of the beautiful couples in those classic, Black Love paintings from back in the day. They were in their own world. In tune with each other, blissfully oblivious to people catching a glimpse and absorbing a piece of the love as they glided around. Their vibrations made heart chakras pulsate. Effervescent feelings of love, sex, romance, arising for some observers, one couldn’t help but pause and feel the invisible permeation.

The weather during the day had been refreshingly warm and breezy, a delightful Caribbean balance. The lovers brown sugared skin had been kissed by the sun all day. Now the full moon glowed above and the misty air from the low tide, cooled them as they inhaled and exhaled the island. The ankle length hem of her golden, crocheted sarong danced with the sensual breeze.

He squeezed her hand as they stopped to embrace and kiss under the ivory light of the moon and the shimmer of the stars. Their room on the resort led directly to their own private section of the island, that had a cabana, covered with sheer white, linen drapes. Large sprawling, green banana leaf and birds of paradise plants surrounded a single, soft white bed in the center of the space.

She looked him in his bedroom, brown eyes with the look of a woman who was receiving copious amounts of deserving love. He held her smooth face and said, “I love you,” like a man who was absorbing everything he needed from his woman. Her hands trailed up his back, to the nape of his neck and she kissed him and they relaxed into each other, embracing. After a moment, they walked over to the cabana.

In front of the bed, he ran his hands through her locs and they kissed again, more and more lustfully. His hands slid down her back and gripping her butt, he lifted her up. She naturally wrapped her legs around his solid torso, moving so perfectly in tune with each other. He felt the warmth of her pussy and she felt the growing bulge of his perfect penis. He laid her down and untied her sarong.

He kissed all of her; from her delicious mouth down to her neck. Putting both nipples in his mouth, sucking and kissing one by one. He kissed her in the valley between her breasts, down to her stomach. Gently squeezing her waistline, he kissed her down to her bikini line and moved them to the side. Using his fingers, he touched her and then tasted her pussy. She spread her legs wider, moaning and melting in his mouth. He didn’t spare one inch of her. His hands were caressing and squeezing her breasts and nipples.

She ran her fingers through his hair, pressing his head gently into her, her body trembling with every tongue stroke. He kissed those lips, then he came back up, giving both nipples a delicious suck. As their tongues touched, she stroked his phallus and ocean waves crashed in the background, in perfect synchronicity with that first magical penetration. Divine feminine and masculine energy through passion, magnetically aligning together.

They rolled over, still perfectly attached. She positioned her hips and pussy into him, leaning forward, her breasts meeting his chest, their bodies, sank deeper into each other. Rising back up, she looked him in his eyes and kissed his neck, sliding up, down and around and around. Nice and slow, and picking up the tempo, going back and forth, heavy breathing, skin smacking, and the delicious swishing sound of their bodies connecting.

He squeezed her hips while she continued to ride his penis. She moaned intensely and she laid back into him. He wrapped his arms around her, sensually squeezing her, pulling her entirely into him. She spread herself wider and he penetrates her more deeply. She rides. From the depths of their throats, they moan loudly without inhibition.

The sounds of their pleasure fade into the ocean. The moonlight lit the curve of her spine, as their bodies swayed with the ocean waves. She sucked his neck, he slapped and squeezed her ass. She pulsated her pussy on his penis and then he swiftly turned her over so that he was back on top. He sucked one of her nipples and with a few more pumps into her, together their climax rippled through their quivering bodies. They exclaimed in pleasure.

Holding onto each other, he still inside of her, she ran her fingers through his hair, kissed him and whispered,

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Love, Nhayah.

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