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The Sensual Stories: The Rising

When he awakened, his hands instinctively reached for her. He basked at her, his Basquiat laying beside him. The Sun was rising and massive balcony windows allowed the room to fill with a citrine colored glow. A cool breeze was flowing in and out of the ones that were slightly opened.

She was a Goddess who rarely wore clothes and there was nothing between her, but bronze skin and the softest, cream colored, Egyptian cotton sheets. They were encapsulated in sheer mosquito netting and she was ethereal elegance. He removed the sheet, uncovering the rest of her ambrosian body.

His hand began to lightly trace her tantalizing silhouette. Her kinky crown was immersed in clouds of ivory pillows. From the slope of her shoulder, crossing down her breasts, into the curve of her stomach. He touched her. She shifted slightly, eyelashes fluttering. He sensually kissed her face, delicious lips brushing hers, his hand opening her lotus.

Pleasantly awakened and unfolding, she raised one of her legs, yearning for him to taste her. He teased and his warm mouth licked her nipples, sucking one by one, causing her to shake. He caressed and kissed her body. Simultaneously, he spread both of her legs wide and he put his mouth fully on her yoni.

She arched her back, her décolletage rising and falling with every taste and she squeezing her nipples. He looked up at her, pussy in his mouth, his tongue expertly exploring her labia, flicking and sucking her clitoris. Each moan and each lick sinking them both deeper into an aura of pleasure.

She told him she needed him inside of her and he obliged. His locs flowed down his rugged and melaninated back stopping at his waist. His hips cocked forward and his penis melted into her. That first, blissful insertion, causing sound to erupt from both of them. He presses down on her thighs and slides in and out of her. Then they roll over and she’s on top, her hips opened wide and her yoni wet.

She kisses his ear and the erogenous zones in his neck, grinding her hips, and deepening her pussy into him. They look into each other’s eyes and ravishingly kiss each other. He pulled her into him, embracing her and rolling again. Him on top of her, thrusting his phallus into her and she calling his name. He sucks her bottom lip and licks her down her neck, thrusting himself inside of her again. Her body shuddering, her hands clawing at his back. They roll.

On top of him, she looks him in his eye and sensually fondles his testes, while she’s sexing, fucking, loving him. She reverses herself on top of him, sinking herself into him and riding. He squeezes her butt and watches her from behind. Her back curving as her hips swerve on him.

He swiftly adjusts himself and from the small of her back, he gently pushes her forward so that he is completely behind her, slowly penetrating her. Her moans getting as deep as him, one slow passionate stroke after another. His fingers pressed into her clit, softly rubbing her.

She extends her arms, clinging to the sheets. She looks back at him and says she’s about to cum. Both his hands glide up the sides of her beautiful body and he pumps harder. His hands slap her ass and she throws it back on him with pressure. He exerts a satisfactory groan.

Seismic, p-waves of pleasure surged through their bodies. Pure love and alignment allowing for them to fully climax together, as one. Their bodies damp with a mist of sweat, they collapsed into each other and he settled behind her, spooning her. Fulfilled after a full course of love making.

Love, Nhayah.

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