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The Sensual Stories: The Pull Up

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

She turned off the water faucet, and wrapped her moist body in a large towel. Wiping the mist off the mirror, she admired herself. Her luscious, athletic frame was covered in some of the softest chocolate skin. Skin so sweet and smooth, it looked like the rich cacao of West Africa.

She inhaled and exhaled the smoke from the ganja herbs and swept some loose locs into her top bun. She was sensually swaying her body to a sexy mix of reggae resonating softly throughout her loft. The glow of the crescent moon and scattered stars irradiated through the large windows. Candles burned and incense wafted. She reached for her shea butter and began massaging and moisturizing her supple skin.

Her anticipation heightened when she heard the prrr of his motorcycle come to an end outside. Wrapped in nothing but her towel, she observed herself once more in her full length mirror. Her feminine energy was heightened, she was aroused and ready, as every Woman should be. She walked to her door just as he began to knock.

When she opened the door, it was as if this was the first time they had seen each other in a while. They constantly had a fire burning for each other. It had been that way since they met a few years ago.

Their bodies fell into each other and their lips locked for a succulent kiss. His sculpted body was that of a warrior. Standing at six feet five, slathered in that beautiful mix of reddish, caramel skin and dripping in rock solid muscle. Not just show muscles, all go muscles.

Her hands, cravingly grasped for his expertly crafted back, causing his leather jacket and her towel to fall simultaneously. He slapped and grabbed her heart shaped ass and then he touched her warm yoni, feeling her wetness come to the surface. He wanted to taste her, but ladies first. She was hungrier for him.

She unzipped his pants where he stood at the front door. She looked him in his eyes as she slipped both of her warm hands into his boxer briefs and gripped his package. Her touch energized him, sending tingles through his body. He moaned and squeezed her, pulling her into him and leaning against the wall. She lowered herself into a squat bringing the rest of his clothes to the floor. She filled her mouth with him until her lips touched his pelvis. She stroked his testes and sucked his dick like a popsicle.

She was slurping, sliding, and squeezing in perfect rhythm. She felt him tensing and relaxing with every satisfying lick. She was so turned on by turning him on, that she touched herself. A Woman who multitasked. One hand at the base, she slid her mouth down his dick and slowly sucked back up the shaft. Up and down. She sucked the tip of his penis and he said, “Fuck,” pulling her head gently forward. She felt him reaching his climax, so she slurped one more time before he did and rose to her feet, with his dick still in her hand. She sucked his bottom lip and kissed his neck. He grabbed her face and they kissed passionately.

He swiftly picked her up and she wrapped those long, chocolate thighs tightly around his rustic, red torso. In one movement, he had her back against the wall and looking deep into her eyes, he put himself deep inside of her. That first electrifying insertion, opening her up. She ahhh’d loudly, wrapping her arms around him and holding on tight.

The bed wasn’t far and with each step he took, he thrusted into her and she pressed onto him. They fell into her turquoise sheets and he spread her legs wide. He pulled out and put his mouth on her, sliding his tongue between her sweet, sugary center and slowly sucking her clitoris. She arched her back, looked down at him and said his name.

He licked her from her belly button to her perfect breasts and reinserted himself inside of her, unifying their bodies. He had one hand holding her wrists over her head and one hand holding one of her legs up as he moved in and out of her. Their moist bodies were pulsating. He felt her pussy lips squeezing and gripping him. Her body started to tremble and her sounds heightened. She told him she was about to come, as was he.

He deeply penetrated her and together, their bodies erupted. She yelled out in pleasure, squeezing and scratching his back. He laid into her, inhaling her, kissing her delicious lips, vibrations coursing through him. The light from the candles were flickering on the walls and glimmering on their bodies. His eyes met hers. Her beautiful face, lovingly looked into his and he kissed her bottom lip and held onto her.

Love, Nhayah.

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