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Do Men Love Mean Women?

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Ladies check on your feminine energy. As a Woman who was celibate for nearly 3 years and single for 8, reentering the dating world with an open-heart chakra and my feminine energy booming, unblocked and receptive to emotionally healthy, nourishing, genuine, intelligent love and partnership, I’ve realized that this patriarchal society created men who are actually scared of a feminine woman’s emotions and they’ve disguised it as being practical.

Let’s be clear: Men and Women are emotionally different, just like we are genetically and biochemically different. We weren't designed to be precisely the same. What also needs to be on the list of your requests is wanting a person who is emotionally healthy. If you want emotional ignorance, go get you a silly city girl. It’s unfortunate the new city girls had to stake claim over the phrase “city girls.” Classic city girls are the women who like to be cute, gallivanting through the city, cocktailing, exploring, making love, etc. Today’s city girls have all that wild, imbalanced masculine, emotionally unstable action that some of you are subconsciously seeking.

In my opinion, it's because of literature like Steve Harvey and his “think like a man," that this kind of mindset has ran rapid. Earlier books that I read when I was a teenager, unknowingly being conditioned out of my femininity, like 2002’s “why men love bitches” and 2006’s “how to get a guy by thinking like one.” Those and any other form of media that encourage Women to function as Men, is what have created these unstable, highly masculine energies that dwell in some Women. Then, when the Woman does exhibit a feminine, soft moment, the masculine energy actually rejects and repels her emotion and literally says to her, "Don’t be that way." Due to masculinity trying to push this wild ass, distorted feminine mindset on us, they’ve created monsters in the form of scamming ass city girls, wicked ass white women, the hot headed latina and the notorious angry Black Woman.

Most Men want Women who are emotionless and unresponsive to the things that they don’t understand in a romantic relationship. Followed by lowkey censoring us from clearly speaking about the things we feel. So then we go talk to our girlfriends and try to decode and decipher the intricate and intriguing minds of Men, because they quite literally have a natural ability to become physically uncomfortable in certain conversations. Then, they permeate that energy in the midst of conversing and that's why the Woman becomes uncomfortable and damn near forgetful of what she wanted to talk about. Then finally, some Men begin to talk you smooth out of how you feel, as a way to get you to not express yourself. If some of these men don't know how to do anything, they know how to do that. Versus simply listening, understanding and sifting through the conversation and creating a solution.

Balance is restoring between masculine and feminine energy. I claim it. Ladies, we have to stand our ground when we’re communicating with these men. I had to tell a friend recently to not ask me, ask him. Do not submit to confusion and then default to your homegirl. I don’t know where they learned it, but they know how to finesse you into going their way. You have to stay focused if you want him to innerstand you. Men barely know what they’re saying when it comes to Women sometimes, it’s how they’ve been conditioned to communicate from some Bastard who they thought was cool. When they hit you with lines like, “I’m busy and I’m always working.” That’s when you say, “I completely I overstand and love that about you. I was just wondering if you know how to multitask?” A comedian named Deon Cole says in one of his stand ups, that women don’t ask the right questions. We give men indirect permission to perplex us and we should ask ourselves why and change that narrative immediately.

Those single women that are preserving their feminine energy by any means necessary and those single men that are healthy masculine's, are out here pushing through for romance. And I gotta tell ya, I’m not going back. I love my feminine energy, especially after operating in a predominantly masculine energy most of my life, even as a teenager. I had an ex tell me that in my early twenties, in our relationship, that I used to “Man Up” and that caused him to double down on his masculine energy. Is that what the men who condemn women for expressing emotion that makes them appear less then perfect, want? A woman that has to toughen up and stifle her feminine energy, to placate his masculinity?

Men, quiet as its kept, your asses are emotional too, as all beings are. Some people just choose to be emotionally unintelligent and/or they choose to pull from the emotions and emotional actions that consist of nonchalance, coldness, resistance, criticalness, dismissiveness, etc. Yeah, those are emotions. Obliviousness and then coldness is an emotional action, Gentleman. That's not practicality. Most men and some women really live in the moment aka obliviousness. For example, they’re really enjoying big relationship and dating energy and the sex without a condom, yet they’re not thinking about what could happen and how that could make someone feel when you combine all those things.

A woman or man that sends a text saying, “Hey, are you still interested in me? I kind of feel like you’ve had me waiting for your time,” is a Woman or Man that you should cherish. There’s a plethora of ways that things can be worded better and with more clarity. It's simply about having a healthy emotional response and a nourishing conversation, so that both people get a clear understanding. One must know the difference between a person who chooses to healthily express and converse about something they feel and a person who is dangerously, emotionally unstable. Emotional instability is a woman or man who is out in these streets expressing their frustrations with low vibrational, unhealthy emotions and emotional actions. Shit like excessively talking shit and name calling, trying to destroy you, your wellbeing, peace, and your property, excitedly wanting to embarrass you, and the list could go on and on.

The most insensitive and immature thing a man or a woman can do, is to try to convince their partner that expressing something they feel, simply by transparently conversing about it, is them being emotionally intolerable. That creates people who walk on eggshells because their partner has lowkey suppressed them from feeling a little vulnerable and being able to safely express how something made them feel.

Lets activate the normalization of nurturing versus abandonment again. The time is now to really change narratives and normalize some good shit for once.

Love, Nhayah

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