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Parents, Honor and Respect Thy Children

Why is it always honor and respect thy mother and father, with no emphasis on also honoring and respecting thy children as well? It seems as if most parents feel like their children do not deserve and are not worthy of being honored and respected in the same ways the child is supposed to automatically extend that energy to them, simply because of the child‘s limited physical time on the planet. Then, those same parents that always regurgitate variations of that bible verse: “Children, honor thy mother and father,” blatantly forget about attaching the other scripture to their thinly veiled threat: “Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger.” In some versions, it reads: “Fathers, do not exasperate your children to anger.” Yeah, that verse is in Ephesians somewhere. It is astonishing how parts of the story are omitted to push the agenda of the other sordid parts.

Society makes it seems as if children came to this planet to solely serve adults, their needs and visions, the dreams they weren’t able to fully accomplish, to do what they’re told and to be indoctrinated into crazy things. There are children that are treated as if they are to bow down and kiss the feet of adults. To be dominated by their parents even when they become adults, all under the guise of parents having more experience, followed by acting as if the actions they are taking are because they are deathly concerned about their children’s decision-making skills.

Parents feel like since they have been on this planet a little bit longer, that it’s imperative they be overbearing, overly controlling, and utterly disrespectfully dismissive of how their children feel, their emotional well being, their needs outside of material things such as nurturing, encouragement, receptivity, and of course, the big UL: Unconditional Love. Some of these parents feel this way because they think that their children can’t possibly have anything to be bothered by, “They haven’t been here long enough and experienced life.” The bad parents say.

It’s very strange how some of these people feel like increasing their meanness, versus sternness will be effective discipline for their young children, when unconditionally loving on them more would get the improved results they want. Why is withholding love always the go to action for discipline and/or behavior correction? Continuing the love doesn’t mean children are being rewarded for misbehaving, it means you are still showing them unconditional love in moments where certain behavior won’t be tolerated. Loving discipline.

Parents actually believe they are supposed to control their Children’s destiny with an iron fist, and they are astronomically wrong about that. Then, when children become adults and try to express themselves in anyway, it seems like most parents immediately become angry, disrespectful, and sometimes violent. Most parents have that “I brought you into this world, I can take you out mindset,” and that shit needs to be vanquished. What if your children chose you? What if while the child’s spirit energy was floating through the ethers, their energy suddenly decided that they like something about your aura, and they chose to transition from the non-physical to the physical and they wanted you two to be the bodies that bring them in? A few of you reading this are thinking, well what about the parents that chose to commit atrocities and completely abuse and abandon their children, did those children choose them too? Yeah, they did, and those type of parents totally lost what it was they would have gained from their children had they chosen to fully care, claim, cultivate and love their offspring. Additionally, they have critically affected their families generational blessings, which creates those exhaustive generational curses for the following generations to have to clean up and heal.

The detrimental, unfavorable shit some of you all do in your life, can affect you and the next generation.

You remember hearing those real wild, crazy parents say some shit like, “I’m not your friend, I’m your parent.” What does that even mean? Are you the child’s dictator, that child’s drill sergeant, that child's parole officer? That is precisely how some parents act. Whose Mama or Papa was the first to say that to their child? “I’m not your friend, I’m your parent!” The shit sounds stupid. You should want to be your child’s best friend, their confidant, their teacher and the one person on this planet who loves them unconditionally. Your starseeds show you what unconditional love is. Your starseeds will ride for you no matter what. Until you stop riding for them. Some parents hate and hate on their own children, then will turn around and try to force their children to be loved by them in the most controlling ways. You do not see birds or panthers slapping and threatening their young. Chirping and roaring shit like, “If you don’t announce yourself when you come in the house, you could get hurt.” Or maybe that was just David. Anyways, why in the hell do some humans say and do such cruel things to their children under the veil of instilling respect and discipline? Parents can be a child’s worst enemy.

Listen, children will surpass their parents in many ways. That's supposed to happen. What's all this competition about? Yes, parents need to teach the standard operating procedures of life to the next generation. The children need to be guided into using their motor skills and how to to be self sustaining and what not and parents must know their child came here with fresh infinite intelligence that must be applied to their current experience. Most of the children came here more intelligent than those that came before them, they're just told their young and dumb before they get to tune in to it and their parents are probably getting in the way with some of their archaic indoctrinations and silly ideas. Sometimes children came to this planet to raise the outdated parent, to heal them from their decades of trauma, to remind them what love is, what real love is, while they've spent most of their time forgetting love and intelligence because they were involved in some unlovable shit. Reciprocity is a must in this human experience no matter who was here first. Honor and respect thy children. This is the era for changing narratives, rewriting her and history, healing and living loved and abundant lives. With positive urgency. Asé.

Love, Nhayah.

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