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Don't Be Senseless About Censorship

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Behold a Pale Horse. I’m beginning to believe that some of you have quite literally lost your minds. I’m noticing the increase of maniacal laughter whenever an enlightened mind says something that completely confuses the matrix some people choose to live in. People are becoming more and more angry when a certain group of people speak outside of the boxes they’ve trapped themselves in. Those people don't understand anything outside the box, so they vehemently condemn and attack and misuse the words conspiracy and theory. Unbeknownst, to those silly and angry people, the media, social media, a lot of these celebrities, and of course, politicians, are their dictator. They have conspired against them, because they willingly do what they tell them to do. So obedient and submissive.

This isn't going to be a highly extensive article about why the censoring of anyone, for any reason, on any platforms is what you do not want. All the shit that permeates from the mainstream media and social media and now the President is censored? This shit isn't rocket science, but this is a damn PSYOP (Psychological Operation) and this isn't the damn time for that stubborn and stupid ass Black Resistance against anything that is actually good for you that Black People love living in. This shit is too easy to comprehend. Donald Trump did nothing to warrant being censored and that ain't what you want. He encouraged the capitol rioters to go home and he said, "We have to have Peace." Additionally, hasn’t Trump allegedly been saying wild things like this according to the trash ass media? Why now are these major and social media platforms and politicians deciding to censor and invoke a 25th amendment? Not only are they censoring people, but they are going so far as to censoring and removing ideas that have circulated in the mainstream media that oppose anything that goes against what these powers have decided should be visible to the masses. The mainstream media and politicians have tightened forces, gained some new secret power and/or they've completely gone rogue and blatantly don’t give a shit anymore because they know you’re just going to go along with it, is where my mind took me. The only people that aren't doing the same thing is US.

The real domestic terrorists, which is the media, social media, a lot of these celebrities, and politicians, told you that a virus was released into the world and that you should wear a mask covering your nose and mouth, which is preventing you from breathing properly all day long. All while some Black People were marching with mostly Black Lives Matter ANTIFA anarchists, chanting the words, " I Can't Breathe." Indeed, Black Lives Matter, but the organization has nothing to do with you, Bruh. It is an anarchist organization, this is not up for debate. Most of the people that are always BLMing, are actually and mostly white anarchist domestic terrorists. Now the next stop on this wild ass journey of stripping you of your free will and your ability to think, you are going to allow them to tighten and secure that mask permanently, by excitedly accepting censorship because of your vehement hate for one man. Your multitude of pimps have successfully tricked a lot of you out of your damn minds. Ain't that what the pimp does?

Your dictators, such as, the media, social media, a lot of these celebrities, and politicians, are swiftly encouraging you to relinquish more of your power and propel this censorship forward all because some of you idiots have been programmed to hate one man and for reasons unknown to you. Trust me, I’ve asked and most of you have no logical reason, beyond what has been subconsciously and consciously forced on you, as to why you hate Trump. Due to your blind and stupid hatred, you are going to assist in the censoring of him and by default, yourselves.

To the people who look like me, are you stupid? How could you, of all people, be excited about censorship? Silly rabbits. Haven’t you and our Ancestors, the Ancestors most of you only acknowledge during election year, been systematically censored? Anything the wicked powers can do to an active president, will be too easy to apply to your Black Ass. If you care so much about how you look, you should know that you look real imbecilic posting anything in support of silencing, no matter what Trump says. Please don’t let The Breakfast Club be your source of guidance, because they are leading people into a burning house. You need to tune in to Young Pharaoh.

A wise mentor encouraged me to always ask questions and that's what any person needs to be doing. That's what should have been being done. However, don't drive yourself into confusion. Ask questions, seek answers, not just the ones that make you feel good and placate blind ignorance, and then pick a damn side. Stop trying to have all your limbs in everything and totally position yourself on solid ground and move forward with clarity.

There may not be a full scale plan to physically stop this. What a person should know, is at this point, the most powerful armor a person has, besides traditional protective gear, is their mind. The only way any of this can exist, is if a person subscribes to it and believes that they have less power then anything and anyone. Some of us choose to claim power in good and healthy ways, the same way wickedness just stakes their claim over anyone and everything. The time is now to retract and harness energy. Some people have the ability to redirect the energy and rewrite history. I will always be an advocate for physical self-defense, but people are forgetting about mental self-defense and using your gift of intelligence, which begins with the power of a righteous, healthy, balanced and discerning mind. Let's normalize creating our own realities, rewriting our history, and restoring and reclaiming our power. If you know, you know.

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With Love + Light + Balance

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