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Why Is Rap Like This?

Why are rappers always taking guns and drugs to the airport, doing all kinds of socially ignorant things, and going to prison? You’ve noticed how rappers are always involved in and/or succumbing to some violent shooting? Every time a rapper is shot and/or killed, it’s treated as if it is the Hip Hop norm and the RIP’s, the memes and things begin. There have been at least 20 too many rappers, that have gone to the airport with guns and drugs. After a story breaks about how one of these rappers goes to jail, does anyone ever sit back and think, “Dang, why are they always going to jail?” Or have these parts of HipHop become normalized; rapper and song blows up, followed by prison time and/or a death by shooting?

#TheGoodieJarBlog was shocked to discover that in 2001, Petey Pablo released his Timbaland produced hit record, “Raise Up”, and shortly after September 11th, released a USA remix. Then, nine years later on September 11th, Petey was caught trying to carry a stolen 9mm into Raleigh Durhams International Airport. Isn't it astonishing how the FBI aka Federal Black Investigations, knows where to locate a rapper every time he’s in his tour bus, about to do something illegal at the airport, or anywhere, yet they can never prevent a domestic terrorist from executing a mass shooting? What if the record companies executives and the privately owned prison executives, by way of the FBI, had a contract that allows them to constantly incarcerate rappers—who more than likely have also agreed to it, to further perpetuate the dark side of Hip Hop?

There have been a plethora of selective HipHop discussions that willingly ignore the positivism that Rap, and Hip Hop began with, and they love choosing to focus only on Rap Music’s incessant ignorance and violence. Then these podcasts, rap enthusiasts, and the mainstream media echo how these rappers are just telling the story of their lives. When the Melaninated Collective allowed any and everyone to waltz right on in and control the Melaninated music community, that’s when everything went downhill. We should have protected our music like how THEY protect NASCAR, country, and rock music from being too Urban. The Trojan horse galloped right on in, disguised as willing, omniscient, and omnipotent record companies that want to fund and support the people and their musical gifts. When really, they just wanted to exploit and expand their covert terrorism of the Melaninated community through our music, by convincing those easily conditioned and controlled—you know, the weak spirits, to contribute to the calamity. It started with the colorless (the people considered to be white) people and is now being propelled by Melaninated People. White women historically love mentioning in interviews, movies and TV shows how misogynistic, malevolent, and malicious rap music is, yet their white men, the men that look like them, are the ones that fund this lyrical bullshit. They never talk about that though.

21 Savage massively contradicted himself in an interview recently, when he asked Atlanta to put an end to gun violence. The ‘Glock In My Lap’ rapper says, “A song is for entertainment. It’s not an instruction manual”. The Savage goes on to insinuate that no one will listen to his irrelevant ass music if he raps about his turkey drives and more positive ventures, “In real life I give away a lot of money and spread financial literacy to my community. Stop trying to make me one dimensional.” He’s basically implying that what he raps about, is his fake life. That completely defeats the idea that rappers are rapping about their reality. White rapper, Post Malone and his team, wrote a song about G Wagons and housewives pulling up. Why do white rappers mainstream teams influence them to mostly rap about positivism and the Black rappers mainstream teams influence them to mostly rap about killing, stealing, drugging, hating the women that look like them and glorifying white women disguised as them talking about cocaine?

#TheGoodieJarBlog is aware that there are violent, underground white rappers that influence detrimental scenarios too now, like the Suicide Boys, who mostly rap about suicide, however, what's being discussed is the originators of the culture, the OG's. Why is it that rap lyrics are like this, and mostly everyone in that genre of music, incessantly make excuses for it? R and B, rock music, Caribbean music, country music, jazz music and mostly every music, except rap, omits terrorizing and disrespecting the women that look like them and telling these horror stories in music. Since 1987, rappers have been murdered by being shot and killed left and right. The killing of rappers began with Scott La Rock and most recently, a 24 years young rapper named, JayDaYoungan. Rappers are constantly claiming that they are living the life they rap about and then secretly revealing in interviews that they are, in fact, not living the life that they rap about. The first rap record to be publicly released, played on the radio, and becoming a top 40’s hit song came out in 1979 and it was entitled Rappers Delight. Rap enthusiasts and historians try to debate this, but #TheGoodieJarBlog holds their position on Rappers Delight being the first rap song. Why has the discussion about how it went from Rappers Delight to the Rappers Plight been avoided?

Ice-T is regarded as the first gangsta rapper to record and release a gangsta Rap song, entitled ‘6 in the Mornin’. Side-note: The number six is widely regarded on a low vibrating frequency of wickedness, even though in numerology, its actual high vibrating energy is symbolic to material wealth and financial success. Everyone, at this point should overstand that the word Morning is actually a respelling of Mourning, which is to mourn (define it). The word Morn has no etymological history. Why the hell did Humans start saying Good Mourning as a greeting? Has anyone ever asked? The way most people have opposed anything associated with the phrase “Grand Rising”, should make one think about why Morning is the go-to, beginning of the day greeting. The things that are up are actually down and the things that are down, are actually up.

Moving on, Ice-T was the first gangsta Rapper of all time and according to his HipHop influences, he was actually inspired by The Sugarhill Gangs record, Rappers Delight and he still decided to go all the way left. The other records he had previously released were categorized as electro Hip-Hop. 6 in the Mornin’ was considered the first gangsta rap record and the lyrics were terrifying. Why would anyone have listened and related to that shit? Ice-T tells the tale of how on this particular mourning, he was escaping from the police, beating women, stabbing somebody in the eye, pimpin’ hoes, and his all-time favorite, shooting guns and killing people that he didn’t even know. It was absolute absurdity. That malevolent ass record ushered in a corrupt cycle of vicious violence. Black Men willingly gravitated to Ice-T’s version of rap versus The Sugarhill Gangs version, under the guise of, "That’s the life we were living and that’s all we saw in the streets,". They subscribed so heavily with this, that they decided to regurgitate that same ignorant shit in music and let it marinate in your subconscious so you too, can be a fool.

Currently, culture vultures, Anthony Martini and Brandon Le had the caucacity to try to introduce FN Meka, a demonic looking, digital, light skinned rapper to rap music and the developers allowed the digital demon to say n*gger like a slave master on a plantation. Like Leonardo DiCaprio in Django. Like one Black Man or Woman to another. Incarcerated rapper Gunna and his team, actually allowed FN Meka to be featured on the record, Florida Water. FN Meka has since been dropped from Capitol Records and Anthony Martini has walked away from the project after the activist group, Industry Blackout, addressed Capitol records in a statement about Meka’s use of n*gger. It is astonishing how Melaninated lyricists get mad over the people without color reciting the lyrics they and their writing team used and included n*gger in, but refuse to stop using it. White people do not call themselves crackers in music. Melaninated people have constantly compared themselves to what People Without Color do. Well, they don’t do that. Side-note: They will even use the phrase “People of Color” or "Colored People", but they will not identify themselves as the People Without Color, isn't that interesting? #TheGoodieJarBlog is aware that white is a color, but it just doesn't seem quite right.

Perhaps this written addition of highlighting how rap music’s lyrical content is mostly a detriment to society, will influence a majority of Melaninated rappers to choose to switch lanes and shift right in their music and stop signing these embarrassing, soul ending contracts just for a little publicity and currency. Or maybe rap music will be the next entity to succumb to the spiritual purging of wickedness that is currently and silently sweeping through society, ending in fatal gun-shot wounds to the entire genre.

Love, Nhayah.

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