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'Insecure' Episode 3: 'Hella Open' Recap

Issa: Courtesy of HBO

I apologize everyone!! I missed last week due to being an extremely busy entrpreneur. I'm the antagonist in The Stageplay Tempest coming up on August 19th, I was blessed with a huge opportunity to be the opening act for legendary artisits, Freddie Jackson and Glenn Jones, PR work, and a crazy dating life. But I'm back, on week 3 with your hella informative and funny recap!

1. Issa is back on the market for real! After that unexpected Lawrence smash resulted in nothing. Dude she was on her "first smash date" with had weird fingers, so she flees the scene! I mean and that's how petty it can be when it comes to women, she was just hella open about it! "Oh! That's the bedroom, we didn't make it there."

2. The white girl Issa works with, Frieda is concerned with the demographics of attendees for their program at the new highscool. Too many African/Black kids, not enough Mexicans. Which leads me to believe that white women are just brain dead. The objective is to get participation from the students, even if the targeted demograhic isn't receptive, perhaps the other kids will spread the word to reach that demographic. Focus on the positive aspects, versus getting your blond hair wrapped around something else. Furthermore, I dislike when the media tries to make it seem like white people are for the people, when every single news outlet and the entire establishment determined that was a lie. I know there are a few of them and that's nice, but will they admit the problem?

3. Molly gets a bookshelf package and the white guy warns that the package is heavy and there's even a brother there to help. She declines the assistance. Then here comes the white girl and she receives the help with her package, while Molly is dragging a bookshelf in a business suit. I wonder why she wouldn't take the help? I know we can do it ourselves, but that's not the point, let that Man help you. Molly also feels like her therapist was putting her issues on her, because of them both having "Brown Titties". Okay, based off her dragging that bookshelf, she's indenial.

4. Issa says, "I just want to be on my Halle Berry shit, I just want to feel gooood!" Taking a quote from the infamous, Monster Ball soft racist porno. She asked Molly to teach her how to hoe LMBO!! However, we are all familiar with that relationship struggle, to the point where it's like man forget it, I just want to have a good time. If you are a hopeful romantic who believes in longevity, push on people!!

5. When Issa and Molly went out, I thought it was interesting when Issa says, "Lets just go somewhere where we are the exotic ones." And the crowd was entirely Black. Soooo everybody else is exotic, because they know their tribe/heritage and american Black Men and Women don't really know theirs, so we're just Black bodies in america? Nah, Black People lost in the diaspora are hella exotic, I mean we barely now our tribes, so that means we could be just about anything. Know that. See my next blog on what's exotic.

Issa & Molly: Courtesy of HBO

6. Lawrence tries to smash Tasha in the middle of her having a conversation about potato salad. He fails. This comes after he admits he slept with Issa. Tasha took him back and must have had him on yoni (sanksrit word for vagina) restriction, until he went to the barbecue. That was the test. I mean he JUST smashed, so he shoulda been good LOL!!

7. Molly goes on a date with the good on paper, chocolate brother Lionel, the one she met while on Issa's hoe mission. Oooooh I love a chocolate couple! And he was saying all the right things, talking about wishing he could just fast forward to the marriage part. Please don't be on that BS with this one Molly. I promise sometimes us women put limits on ourselves.

8. Lawrence goes to the barbecue with Tasha, momentarily. Did ya'll see homegirl playing the flute AND twerkin'?? Skiiillzzz (in my Gang Starr voice). Now Lawrence ditches the bbq for Start Up Saturday, a company event. Everybody Lawrence works with is white and he is now the token Black Guy, so we know where this is heading. And it's all Issa's fault.

9. "Go for it, go for it, go! Hoe for it, hoe for it, hoe!" My favorite line from Issa's bars this week. Her new smash partner exclaims, as he's trying to undress her, "Fuck! Are these buttons??" So these young ratchets he was used to must not wear real pants anymore. That was the most awkward Black girl sex I've ever seen, but I'm glad it got better. Issa smashed and dashed her new neighbor boo. It looks like she's about to be poppin in these Cali sheets. I mean streets.

10. Lawrence breaks up with Tasha and she calls him out. He did ghost on her. Now I think her calling him names was mean, he did just get cheated on himself, so he may have PTSD. She calls him a f**k n*gga*, which are harsh words for the Black man. Sheeesh. Lawrence was unbothered though, because the thirsty white girls are on him now. DAMN IT ISSA!! She cheated on him, sent him back in these streets, now look. SMH.

I'm trying to predict what's about to happen and it doesn't look good from a Black Power standpoint. Issa is about to become a hella confused hoe, which is something they love depicting Black women as in my opinion, Lawrence is about to start dating white women and Molly is suffering from the independant Black woman syndrome. They all need to snap the heck out of it!! Be sure to catch an all new episode next week on HBO at 10:30 or wherever you watch TV shows nowadays and catch my recap blog as well!!

With Love...

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