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I'm Tired Of Bras

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

I had an epiphany the other day that I am sick of bras. I just want to wear my clothes without being concerned with wearing a bra. I mean I understand they come in handy sometimes, but one of my biggest issues is that bras get in the way of most outfits because I feel like they are designed to be worn without a bra. The wire is in my way and now the straps or the top of the bra or something is always coming out of what I'm wearing and the bras never match anything either. I would like to briefly and lightly examine why we wear bras and why we are, in most cases, uncomfortable when aren't wearing one.

From what I've briefly researched, bras were designed to try to create a more perfect shape for women. Starting out quite similar to a sports bra, stiff and smashing your breasts down and pushing them up, then in the 1920's they started trying to flatten their breasts, creating that boyish look. Not sure what that was about, because right after that Marylin Monroe brought back the delicious décolletage and introduced creating the illusion that you have bigger breasts. Shortly thereafter, the push up bra was designed and now the adhesive strapless push-up bra all the reality show stars, video vixens, and Instagram product promoters having been posting about. That was my first time seeing it, you know those women are always promoting something from flat tummy tea to the teeth whitener.

Some women, especially those whose cups runneth over, wear bras because it supports them. I understand that too, but I mean those same blessed women before us just had to handle what they had and allow their body to adjust to the weight. Then there are the women that wear them due to fear of being objectified or stared at all day. Some women's nipples get hard from just blinking, and I for one do not like walking around with my headlights always on. Oh! And then there are the women that have one boob that's bigger then the other one and I know that can feel weird too sometimes. But f**k it!! Why do we care?? We all have things that are imperfect! Stop letting these seemingly perfect women drive you crazy! You are beautiful! And unfortunately, society created some men and women who look at EVERYTHING sexually. You feel like if you walk around without a bra, you are just walking sex. That shouldn't have anything to do with the freedom of just putting a dress on without having to worry about what kind of strap will work, no matter what size you are. If someone stares at your lovely lady lumps, let them stare, people are always looking at something. As long as they aren't ignorant and disrespectful about it, as if they haven't seen breast à la bra before. If that person happens to trip and fall or run into a tree, well then that's just the universe rewarding what happens when you're not focused!

Ladies! The next time you're getting dressed, look in the mirror and just say forget your bra, my lights are just going to have to shine today. Put the bra away.

With Love...

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