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Ain't Nothing Wrong With Black Power

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Courtesy of: "Grandassa Models"  © Kwame Brathwaite, 1968

African-Jamaicans say 'Big Up' in patois when showing respect and giving praise to one another or for any uplifting reason! That's exactly what we need to do as Black/African/Melaninated people, every single one of us. We need to big each other up, I know we've been deeply conditioned to f**k each other up. Ain't nothing wrong with spreading love and positivity within our community! What I mean is, publicly broadcasting how amazing Black people are by Black people. I feel like we mostly keep begging for acceptance from other cultures and expecting those cultures to realize our grateness for us! Nah! We need to start everything from within; in our own community and inside our individual selves. This conditioning stuff is for real and not for play. Black people act like, well slavery and oppression is done, so if we destroy ourselves it's because we choose too. I get what you're saying and I beg to disagree. I believe it's generational PTSD all the way and I do mean Post Traumatic Slave Disorder, oh yes! We keep doing the same exact things we were taught by our oppressors and over time, the behavior seems as if it was self taught, Black people!! That's what they have tried to convince us and the world! That we are just innately self destructive to ourselves, each other and everyone else because of genetics, not because of the oppressors diabolical and systematic mind control. If you don't believe me, just read the Willie Lynch Letter and be receptive enough of the message to really see how it has come into fruition within the Black community century after century. They've even convinced us to never believe anything either of us say to each other outside of frivolous conversations, because what "they" said about everything in any capacity, is the Truth. It's time to release these little white lies.

I'm not sure if people, including Black people, really understand the difference between Black Power and white power. Let me briefly explain.

Courtesy of Black Panthers Movement

Black Power is the mindset of Africans, the African Diaspora, African-Carribeans, African-Latinos, ALL Africans with an abundant amount of Melanin, to reignite that innate love, power, spiritual awareness, respect, honor, acceptance of each other, collective economics, unity, love of nature...I could go on and on, after centuries of systematic, barbaric division and destruction. Most of all, it's about Black Love! I believe it's also about releasing the destructive conditioning and misteachings that have been forced on us to hate each other and forget everything we used to know that fortified us. To show infinite love of our community and culture like how most other communites do. Sure, everyone has bad apples, but they weren't taught to destroy themselves endlessly. That's what Black Power is!

What we know as white power, is the mindset of what is known as white supremacy from a group of people that are extremely Melanin deficient, consisting of demonic, vehement maliciousness, extreme selfishness and divisive power, immense disrespect, dishonor, murder, rape, misnaming, unacceptance of every hue-man after emerging from the womb of an Ethiopian/African woman who couldn't fathom what she had created and released the unfamiliar shade into the wild, and The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing thoroughly delves into this. Perhaps that created the current situation with Black People, however, if you believe that then you must overstand that there is definitely a deep, spiritual reason as to why the tables were turned and it must be thoroughly addressed. Let me get back to the topic. What we know as white supremacy is a highly hostile, domestic terroristic organization set out to destroy everything that is natural and abundantly melaninated. Look at what is happening around us!

I believe it is very important to remember the power of unified love of each other within our community and remembering the power that is innately within us. We've barely scratched the surface with most of these issues because we are so far away from home, our minds are warped with false ideas and some of us are comfortable with it because it's all we've ever been taught. Just think about what what was done physically, psychologically, and spiritually to our ancestors, how they were taught, how they were excluded, how that was passed down religiously to the descendants over time and time and time again. How about honestly reviewing our history and understanding why Black Power is important. It means don't innacurately tell us that it's reverse racism silly rabbit, if you can create that phrase then why not finally properly address and rectify the real racist issue? Why it was created? Who's maintaining it? Why every Black organization gets destroyed and disgraced and the KKK is just slept on? Then destroy the problem.

In my opinion, Black Power doesn't have to be inclusive! The only people that have to announce inclusivity all the time is Black People. We were taught that the only way to be successful is to involve everyone else. Everyone always has to be all in our business. We don't feel confident that we can do it ourselves. Oh now that the white folks are involved, it's really about to blow up! We were all inclusive even when we were excluded and segregated, we just weren't the ones included! Listen, it's okay that we want to protect what is ours again and regain exclusivity. We have throughly accepted everyone elses superiority except our own. Haven't we peacefully accepted inferiority long enough? Don't we embrace the lesser titles, like minority? Someone told us we were the minority because of their statistics and censuses, so we just know we are menial? We need to regain confidence in ourselves, peacefully discuss and overcome differences, use what's necessary and do what's necessary in rebuilding our exclusive empires. All knowledge is power, it's available at our fingertips and it's for everybody. Just use proper discernment and FOLLOW THE LOGIC! The time isn't now, yesterday.

I love you my Beautiful Black People! BLACK LOVE, BLACK POWER!

With Love...

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