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Who Will Protect Us?

We have to protect ourselves. Period. We keep asking who is going to protect us!? Who else?? We keep acting as if we don't exist. As if we are just a helpless people who are unable to survive. Isn't that what we have been doing, century after century? Why do we continue to trust, hope and rely on a system that has been solidified and set in stone against the people? It never was supposed to help people. Do you remember? Or have they “fed” you so much that you’re sleeping? The itis right. Meanwhile, the sleepwalkers are clowning all of this awakening. It doesn't matter who's awake, as long as some light is going off and instead of ridiculing it, how about we focus.

I’m tired of hearing Black People say, “They’re killing us.” Who the hell just subscribes to something like that?? You’re aware of a group of people reigniting their murderous ways and you just accept that? We’ve accepted so much, when we could be recreating everything. They are literally bullying us! Since this is the bully culture, this should resonate. Bullying and Murdering our men, women, and children in the streets right in front of our eyes. Gentrifying neighborhoods. Creating the illusion of inclusion in various forms. Continual denial of everything, whilst still actively oppressing and being racist. Just to name a few. They’re doing it again.

You know that’s fear right? Not aggressively taking a stance against someone or something trying to destroy you. How are we so scared of them, but will fight each other so effortlessly, so easily? We tell each other all the time how much we aren't afraid of one another. Can you imagine if we redirected that energy. If we reprogrammed our belief system into one of straight fearlessness, unconditional love, and basically Black Superiority and World Domination. Every other culture has that exact mindset. They do not subscribe to weakness or murder or oppression. Look at them go!

Every other culture has their own. Languages. Businesses. Defense mechanisms. And all we have is white mans labels, colorful wigs, innate fear and weakness. Don’t ya’ll get tired of that? Don’t you get tired of wearing a Gucci Belt? When you could just wear a regular belt?? Does that make sense. Acting like it's a belt of power because there are multiple little Gs on it that represent the lifestyles of the rich and famous? Still making that white man more money, building his empire. Just like when our ancestors were forced to pick cotton and grow tobacco farms and all the other ways we made them money without getting reimbursed. It's the same shit, brothers and sisters! Wouldn’t it be amazing to deliberately do your best to pour into Black businesses, corporations the same way you just do happen to do the white ones? It’s imperative that we do. I overstand that white people own everything and it will be a bit impossible in the beginning to spend your money only with Black people, but it’s a start. Google what’s Black Owned in your area. We’ve got to become a family again. A village, like these other cultures. We’re so disconnected, feening for acceptance. We need to accept each other with positive urgency.

As for being fearless? I believe it begins wit stopping the conditioning, indoctrinating, subscribing ourselves to the Establishments scare tactics. Like I said, the attacker can smell fear right? Doesn’t the attacker then become fueled by the victims fear? Yes. The fear gives him more and more power. Animals can sense things, a threat, fear, evil, etc. The Establishment can feel our fear because we are energetically the most powerful people. We have more power within ourselves then anyone else. Did you read that? We might not have a lot of financial or tangible power at this time, but We are most powerful because of our energy. That is why we are the target for most of their scare tactics. Pay attention. Culturally, We are the first ones to respond when shit pops off. They have now called it “Black Outrage”. We are basically alllowing our energy to be manipulated. We mostly respond to the manipulation with everything but Love, positive energy, blissfulness and appropriate ignorance. All that GOOD stuff. The responses mostly consist of anger, fear, hate, disrespect, sadness, rage, and what ever words describe all that crazy shit our people are able to unleash. I know you recall being in a room filled with standoffish, angry Black People before? That energy is crazy as shit!! We choose what we respond too. We decide our vibe and they’re playing with our emotions. They are playing with our emotions.

I truly hope this resonates with my readers. We keep wondering what can we do to help each other. Well honestly, we can change our energy. That's where the change is going to come. We talk so much about change. How about we Change our minds. Change our conditioning. Change it to what? Fearlessness. Self Love. Community Love. More Power. More Good Energy. I ain’t scared of nobody. No weapon formed against US shall prosper. Period. Change it to MORE LOVE of OUR people. You can like errbody else too. The thing is, we need to love us more then anything and everything. Period. I’m talking real acceptance of each other even if we don’t like what Kanye has to say. We’re so quick to publicly talk shit about each other. All we do is talk shit. We don’t have to allow our disagreements to become a vicious attack and a public ridicule session. We need positive redirection and We need to support us.

Find a business, organization, something and patron or help that place in some way. Love on those people that run those places. Unconditional love is loving without needing a condition to inspire that love. Without needing something. Energetically we could shift all of this shit. That is truly where our power is at this point. As the majority, because fuck what they are talking about with that minority riff raff. That shit is a white lie. As Black People in america, We don’t own anything but our power at this point; our energy. You remember the movie Get Out? That’s what they really want. People talk of our ancestors, the Most High, God, but all those higher power sources want it for us to use the power that is innately within us and honor them and call on them for additional love, support, protection and power. Our higher power is waiting on us.

With Love...

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