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Violent Unlawful Arrests

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

When someone in a uniform believes you’ve done something wrong, does that immediately warrant arrest? Why are they immediately putting their hands on people? At what point during this situation do We, The People, have an opportunity to object if we disagree with the apprehension? Are we supposed to just submit because the person in uniform demands we do so? If we decide against being apprehended, does that mean we have to be violently beaten or murdered?

Unless a crime is being committed and/or there is evidence of a crime, that should be the only time a person in uniform should be touching anyone. Those crimes include senselessly, unprovoked violent and/or perverse actions. If there is evidence that a person has been homicidal, then violently take his or her ass down. You know, your average school, church, grocery store, hair salon, movie theater, hotel, gay club, domestic terrorists. If there is evidence that someone has violently raped a Woman, Man or Child, then meet them with violent energy. An armed and/or violent mugger who just brutalized someone, definitely deserves a savage seizure. However, if someone is standing over there and they’re told to go stand somewhere else and that person decides they’re not going to do that, it should not be met with malicious violence. It should be met with verifiable policy and reason. Period. We all know that people can be wrong. For example, the Wal-Mart sales representative might say there are no more pickles on the shelf and the stock manager might know that there is actually a few boxes in the backroom.

What if, instead of people immediately being detained, which leads to more false and unnecessary imprisonment, people were immediately taken to court and then imprisoned? That would actually agree with the phrase, "innocent until proven guilty."

We are free people. We have FREE WILL. We are not to be viciously rounded up at any moment someone in any uniform, in a policing capacity decides that a law, policy, regulation, or rule has been broken. I know for certain that these uniformed individuals do not know and have clarity on every single rule. We, the people certainly don’t know everything. Then why are these individuals allowed to bully free human beings just because they are in position, without any explanation or reasoning? I don’t feel comfortable with them deciding that they can and will mercilessly take prisoner anyone they determine have broken a rule. It’s like the phrases “peaceful deescalation” or “positive interactions“ are not in the basic rules of engagement. It’s as if those things are not discussed in the debriefings between shifts and brute force is always emphasized. Essentially, this establishment is demanding that we, the free people, better agree with potentially being brutally confined, or else.

The Establishment encourages peaceful protesting, but then peace is met with uniformed agents, in full combat gear with fully loaded weapons. Process the fact that it could happen to anyone, at anytime. Just because you’re a law abiding citizen, doesn’t mean that you didn’t blink wrong one day and suddenly trigger that high octane, policy enforcing officer, guard, or anarchist agent to decide to savagely show you, the innocent free person, who’s boss.

You remember the movie, Friday After Next? The character, Day-Day, played by comedian Mike Epps, put his little security guard uniform on and went wild with the minuscule amount of power he had acquired. He put that uniform on, blew that whistle, and disrespected the fuck out of all those elderly Women. That’s what’s really going on at the hands of these so called rule regulators. And it’s not funny. We, the people really need to think about this. We, the people have free will. Free will actually goes beyond “the rights” this Establishment tells us we have. I do believe We do have to do what’s universally good and right. We do not have to submit and become powerless to whom ever claims that they are more powerful. That leaves room for too much tyranny and chaos. We should not allow the Establishment or any organization to determine and condition us to believe that we cannot protect ourselves from them or anyone they put in position to enforce whatever they like. We should ask questions and demand information and answers at all times when anyone suggests that they are coming to enforce anything. We are free to protect ourselves against anything that threatens us just like the random people in uniform are. We, the free, fearless people are not supposed to respond in fear when these “uniformed officials” act like bandits. We should not have to be held captive until they arrive at a conclusion. I do believe you have the divine hueman right to protect yourself and your offspring if superfluously, violently threatened. At the end of the day, if someone gets away, they get away. Catch them if you can.

With Love, Nhayah

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