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Golddigging, Trapping A$$ Men

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Why does it seem like gold digging is only associated with Women? Why isn't there a song about these Manish Gold diggers and Trappers? Are Women really the only ones that marry for opportunity? These are my questions. Let’s talk about these gold digging, impregnating to stagnate you to trap ya ass, bum versions of Men. Oh yes, men dig for gold and trap Women everyday, B. There are guys out here with nothing going on in their lives, but the idea that they have some good dick and they use that dick as a dangerous and deadly weapon. How many of you women have been dickmatized? Some of ya’ll are being dickmatized right now and don’t even know it. It's not too late to undickmatize yourself. I’m a pleasure advocate and I encourage good sex and passionate lovemaking, but don’t let that dick make you lose yourself, unless the both of you are getting lost together.

This disgusting patriarchal, Western society have convinced most Women to be entirely too selfless and encouraged Men to be definitively selfish.

There are men who will diabolically try to control a Woman's very existence and talk her out of her passions, purpose, and panties. In a blink of an eye, you have 3 kids and you’re being held hostage at home while he’s out pursuing his shit. I hardly hear anything about that form of male entrapment, however, now some of you are reflecting on the close calls you may have had and the Women in your lives that may have fallen prey to a Trapper. Or you may be that Woman who is stuck in the Trap. I'm not talking about these exotic 'trap houses' either. I’ve heard tales of those men who say shit like, have my baby or let me put a baby in you while engaged in sex and he never mentions a plan. Wait a minute, Bih. 

Some of you are familiar with the bum boy, who finds a wonderful, nurturing, successful business woman and intentionally creates a toxic, sexual tie via his penis. Some people call these type of Men an Incubus. Now that Woman is out here taking care of some man child and he’s holding himself hostage at her house. Let’s not forget about the "I hate my baby mama" drama Daddy. You know him, he will drag his child’s mother through the dirt and act like he’s just going through it, whilst convincing the new Woman that she is his savior and she is so much better then that terrible Woman he chose to have sex with without a condom. Now the new Woman is entangled in some diabolical, deadbeat Daddy disaster, thinking that she was going to be his peace and be with him and all his bullshit. I almost became a victim of that, luckily, I’m entirely too cautious when it comes to romance. 

A True Woman will not encourage that baby mama drama and let it ride. She will do what a matriarch is supposed to do and focus on the children receiving love from everyone if she truly wants to be involved with a Man, his other children, and children's Mother. She doesn't just try to be better then the exes. Honestly, that’s where a lot of bonus parents go wrong when being with a partner with children. People start competing with exes, versus inspiring and motivating bringing everyone together for the betterment of the children and the relationships no matter how exhaustive the challenge may be.

An ex of mine did not tell me how much he wanted to love me and have fun in our relationship if we rekindled it, he just mostly specified all the things he didn’t like or want. He told me he didn’t like my locs because when we met, I had a short haircut. He even said he wouldn’t be able to “run his fingers through my hair". He kept saying I need you to take care of me like you used too, which wouldn’t have been a problem for me, however he didn’t mention reciprocity. Such as, lets love and take care of each other and combine our goals. 

He knew I had immensely evolved past certain things from when we first met, and he just kept emphasizing he wanted things to be the way they were before. It felt like, he wanted me to be the Woman who was more concerned about who he wanted me to be versus who I want to be, who I am. He wanted me to give up everything I gained just to be with him. Meanwhile, he was the one that just had a monumental, life changing setback as he had just been released from prison. It’s quite interesting how the people that are setback want others to stop moving forward. That is a form of entrapment; convincing a person to relinquish themselves just for them self.

In my opinion, the main things that people should be concerned about in companionship is lots of love, fun, continually learning each other, lots of romance, trust, compromise, collaborative efforts towards goals, balancing of finances, if the person is crazy crazy, more fun and romance, etc. I’m not a relationship expert, but it’s not rocket science and submission has nothing to do with it.  Furthermore, if that person doesn’t show enthusiasm about anything you have going on in your life, then they don’t give a fuck about you as a whole damn person.

Men trap women too, probably more then Women do, but it's Women who get publicly blasted for it. That's due in large part to this toxic, patriarchal society. Listen, cease the conditional, unloving reasons of being with someone. Additionally, be cautious in all matters, especially Love. I saw a meme the other day that said: "Everything I require, I can reciprocate." It's really that simple.

With Love, Nhayah

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