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And Just Like That: The Scary and the City

Till this day, I like many women, still watch reruns of the iconic Sex and the City. It’s one of those shows you can just have playing in the background like music, because it feels good, it’s familiar, and it’s fun. If that’s what you’re into. Some people play scary, ghost and demon possession movies in the background all day. Sex and the City had a few heavy moments, but it was mostly just sex and the city. Even though there were never any leading Woman characters that looked like me, I loved the energy the show had. The same feelings that Issa Rae has given Black Women in the iconic show, Insecure. It’s the friendship, the gallivanting, the fashion, the cocktailing the good feelings, the romance and of course, the sex fuh me.

It’s Hubble. The way they were. I guess that was Sex and the City, because this new spin-off they forced on us, which is on HBO Max entitled, And Just Like That, is some scary sh*t. The most terrifying thing of all, is they really didn’t surprise us with Samantha. That’s where they really messed up at. The entire cast and crew should have begged and groveled for Samantha’s return. Without her, it dawned on me where the comedy really was, because this show is now category drama and horror. Oh, the horror! Samantha was the comedic and carnal glue. Now SATC fans are stuck with curl-less Carrie (bring back her curls!), extra-ornery Miranda and, crazy Charlotte. And Just Like That, Scary and the City has arrived.

#TheGoodieJarBlog has questions. Starting with why the ‘And Just Like That’ title is the color blue. Ewwww. Dare I say, keep it white. And of course, where the hell is Samantha? This is a rhetorical question, and it will be repeated. Why did the writers feel like it was necessary for them to start off with reminding the people of a pandemic? While Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte are awkwardly waiting to be seated, Carrie squeaks about how it used to be illegal to not be standing six feet apart. New York has displayed a lot of wild behavior concerning this pandemic and their choice of politics, but can the ladies just go to brunch and shut up about it. If being in public spaces makes you uncomfortable, then stay home. And Just Like That, Carrie is spraying her hands with chemicals at the brunch table.

What was with the writers deciding to make Miranda have a weirdo, yet accurate, white woman reaction to a professional Black Woman who prefers to rock her Black Woman, African rooted, cultural beauty styles, versus a Black Woman who leans more towards European beauty styles? Basically, Miranda was shocked that the professor of a law class she’s taking, was being taught by a Black Woman wearing braids. Miranda barely reacted to the other Black Woman, played by Nicole Ari Parker, when she pulled up to the brunch table with her center part bob and body wave curls, moments prior. And Just Like That, Miranda is bothered by Black Woman’s hair. And why the hell is Steve deaf? I know that they want to emphasize that the cast is now very, extremely old, because age was a major factor in the original series, but sheesh. 60% in one ear and 40% in the other? I mean we were with Steve when he lost one of his testicles, now we have to watch him lose his hearing. And Just Like That, Steve’s ailments continue.

Charlotte’s storyline was always slightly silly and superfluous, yet still Stepford wife necessary, but her perfect life brought nothing to the first two episodes. It seems like the writers are going to make her daughter, Rose your typical rebellious lesbian or one of these new genders and/or sexualities that are on the market. Parents and teenagers fighting on television can be so cringy. “Rose just wear the damn dress your mother has asked you to wear and then you can go back to the other they/them or whatever apparel you love. Damn.” #TheGoodieJarBlog says. Another cringy moment in the budding Charlotte storyline, is what happened at her adopted daughter Lily’s piano recital. Why did they have to show the young, Black Male pianist struggling to play, then follow that act up by showing the little Asian Mozart killing it? Was that necessary? Why couldn’t both children successfully accomplish the piano recital and then that somehow bring the mothers closer together in a cute and competitive way? Then, the little boy’s mom (Nicole Ari Parkers character) and Dad made it worse, as they were embarrassed by their son, versus being written as good, nurturing parents, and maybe rooting him on from the audience, no matter how it looked. The writers took it a step further and made the audience visibly embarrassed for the child, complete with them talking and snickering amongst themselves. And Just Like That, encouraging children is dead.

Michael Patrick King put the final nail in the coffin by doing something just as bad as bringing the show back and without Samantha by deciding to kill Carries beloved lover, Mr. Big, off in the first episode. WTF, Michael? WTF? I was absolutely shocked when I realized what was happening while he was on that damn Peloton bike going the extra mile. Season 6, Episode 11, ‘The Domino Effect’, started flashing before my eyes as the tragedy began to play out. All SATC fans who love Carrie and John James Preston wanted to see, is them just living life, rich in love. And Just Like That, they started off the return of Carries journey in broken hearted misery.

Episode two was twice as…interesting. Again, where’s Samantha? And stop playing with us, with this mysterious text thread between her and Carrie. Instead of opening with Ms. Jones in a fabulous outfit and a sizzling repartee to lighten the mood, they decided to open with Miranda’s seventeen years young son, Brady having sex with his girlfriend in his parents home. We tried to ignore Miranda stepping on a used condom in the first episode. Nah, teenagers having sex at home should not be normalized. Especially, without a job and a contribution to the household. Furthermore, this is an adult show, why are they doing this? Ugh. And Just Like That, Sex and the City fans are watching Miranda and Steve listen to their child having sex.

Now, we saw Miranda having a drink before her class in the first episode and she’s doing it again before speaking at Bigs funeral in episode two. It’s not a ‘Sex and the City’, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, light Cosmopolitan cocktail though, Miranda consumed an ‘And Just Like That’, dark and bulky Bourbon. Sex and the Scary. Miranda isn’t the only one in her family partaking in substances before the funeral, Brady’s bad a** was smoking ganja with Carries podcast host. Another stupid scene. And since Miranda was ‘white womaning’ about the Black law professors love of braids, now she’s going overboard with seeking a situation to arise, so she can try and save a Black Person to ease her guilt. And Just Like That, Miranda has become a Karen.

Remember loud mouthed Susan Sharon and her mean little husband? While she was looking fabulous, she was also demanding apologies from Carrie at Bigs funeral. See if Samantha was there, she would have checked Susan and Carrie wouldn’t have been standing there, looking dazed and confused. And Just Like That, where is Samantha? Finally, why the hell was Carrie forcing Stanford, played by Willie Garson, may he rest peacefully (another sad element of the reboot) to hide from Charlotte? This is an example of people doing unnecessary things to placate the unstable emotions of others. Carrie is the one grieving and she should have the privilege of having anyone she wants around her. Then seconds after Carrie forces Stanford back into the closet, the secret comes out and now we have to see Charlotte have another ugly cry. Charlotte believes that Carrie blames her for Bigs death because Charlotte wanted Carrie to go to Lily’s recital. And Just Like That, less and less Sex and the City and it gets Scarier and the City.

All the other familiar faces will be thrilling to see, and the new faces will take some getting used. Maybe their storylines will have some sex, versus forcing Brady’s teenage sex life on viewers. Hopefully they will step the fashion up as well because it’s not looking very Fendi and Manolo Blahnik-ish. The ladies are giving me Banana Republic and White House Black Market vibes. Perhaps all of this scary sh*t is the storm before the calm. There are eight episodes left in this new drama thriller. And Just Like That, maybe Sex and the City will return to luxury and laughter.

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