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Grab Him By The Balls: The Predatory Problem

There have been a plethora of videos and stories in heavy circulation in the mainstream media recently, that are attempting to trigger the fear in Women that we aren’t safe and are at risk at the gas station, at the park, or anywhere. This was written to dispel all that bullshit and of course, provide another perspective. Now is definitely not the time for Feminine energy to adapt to fear.

Recently, one of the videos on IG orchestrated a woman (the video was captured on her front door camera), who was almost attacked by some male predator outside of her home before she was able to close the door. The man that posted the video from his IG, captioned it by saying, “A woman would never do this.” #TheGoodieJarBlog wanted to provide the example of Cardi B publicly announcing that she used to drug and rob men. Listen, when a woman completely denies her femininity, that nurturing and restorative energy (to name just a few adjectives) that is taken for granted and she decides to move in her masculinity solely and ruthlessly, get ready for some wild shit. Wilder then what Men could even fathom. The shit most men are scared of coming from a Woman.

Promptly, most men in the damn comments think they are doing women a service by saying to us, “Ladies. Women. You need to get self-defense training and get a gun.” All I hear men saying is, “Nah, there’s just no stopping men like this, so stay ready.” If Men were such leaders in protection and safety, as they actually should be, then they would direct more of that energy to correcting their fellow man’s behavior versus encouraging Women to live in more fear of what the man might do, therefore getting a gun is the only solution. Why do men watch or hear content like this and immediately tell women to be safe, learn to fight and get a gun, while avoiding addressing the predator and neutralizing the predatory ass gene that lies deep within the male species? And if a Woman finally has to result in using one of their ideas for self-defense, will society still demonize her? You remember the Lorena Bobbit story, amongst many. She severed that wife beaters penis from his body after he was being relentlessly violent towards her and the men leading the airwaves acted as if she was the worst thing planet Earth had ever seen.

Why don’t Men talk amongst themselves, like they do everything else, about how they got to become such predators and sexual deviants? Cancel the behavior from within your gender, instead of notifying women about how strapped they should be. There is something chemically and mentally wrong with most men, I said most, that they refuse to admit and heal. Alcoholics seem to be the only group that have to publicly announce their problem. Most of men’s issues are masked with “getting money.” According to them, as long as you are getting and/or have money, you can’t possibly be suffering from suppressed trauma or emotional imbalances. A man can’t possibly lack emotional clarity and intelligence. Newsflash! And this is for everybody. Just because you believe you are leaving emotions out of it; does not mean you are emotionally intelligent. Let that marinate.

Why is it always, “Stay safe” and never, “You are safe”?

Suggesting self-defense and weapon procurement is a useful recommendation, but what men should ALSO be proposing, if they really want to end violence against Women, is that the parts of their breed that want to violently hurt the breed that birthed them, need to stop that shit or else. One Woman in the comments asked, “Why are men like this?” and I asked her, “Why don’t most men ask this of themselves?” A majority of men think they have all the answers when it comes to Women and everything else, but rarely have anything to say to their fellow man about their bullshit and the savage parts of their behavior.

Additionally, due to how this patriarchal, Western society is set up (for now), most Men lead in having the most media related platforms. People like Stephen Colbert, the two Jimmy’s and now Charlemagne tha God, should be announcing in their comments, on their platforms and podcasts, and in their personal conversations something like this or comparable: “Men. Stop treating Women like this. We must neutralize this predatory and sexually deviant mindset and gene that make us feel like we should overpower Women and be entitled to their bodies.” These Men should publicly discuss how Men’s predatory, sexual deviance is a detriment to Women, to themselves, and society as a whole. Gay men are no exception. Some gay men think they can switch between their gender personalities and talk to women crazy just because of their sexual preferences. Men need to spend less time in Women’s business and more energy cleaning up and healing the bullshit that has been running rampant in the Male collective for the last 6,000 years. Masculine energy needs to be recalibrated towards what it was designed to be: protective, healthy, phenomenal sex, making babies, building empires and good shit like that.

While I mostly enjoyed my military experience, the only time I was ever actually scared of something was when I touched down to my first duty station in another country. Most of the debriefings consisted of warnings about how a Woman was at risk of being sexually assaulted. I had just left home at 18 and never in my life had been in fear of rape or violence towards me coming from random Men, until I joined the military. Quiet as it kept, when a Woman first joins, there are several official cautionary tales about the dangers of men attacking their fellow women battle buddies. I was astonished when I first landed in South Korea and later, when I deployed to Iraq, that this was some of the first information soldiers received from military leaders.

Everything leading in nature is feminine, except in the current human experience. Men weren’t supposed to be competing and trampling all over Women. Men were designed to help procreate in a satisfying way and be an added layer of protection and that doesn’t mean Women don’t know how to do it, we just want Men to do it, while most of us healed and righteous Women handle recalibrating the planet, healing the bloodlines, restoring balance, and raising the vibration. Remember when those men were willing to sacrifice the lives of other men on the Titanic just to make sure Women and children were safe? Or when Craig, from the movie Friday, had let Debo run rampant all damn day, until later that night when Debo finally hit Debbie in the mouth and Craig had to beat Debo down? That is the same energy today’s men need to be on. Those men understood the assignment.

This society has selective inflation. The same way stopping Asian hate is inflated, same way BLM is inflated, same way they will inflate eliminating homophobia, the same way voting because allegedly it will change things is inflated, neutralizing male predators from violently attacking and raping women should be astronomically inflated. Then a predator will begin to wreathe in fear at what would happen if they harmed a Woman and a child in any way. If society chose to inflate protecting Women and children, then it would be done. Asé.

Katt Williams had the right idea when dealing with that predator, played by Terry Crews, on Friday After Next. Women, remember one thing, until positive balance and restoration is completed, if you happen to encounter a male predator trying to start some shit, kick, stomp and/or grab them by the balls.

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