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Feel Free to Freely Think

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Why is evolution of personal thought so terrifying? Do you say things like, “Everyone thinks this” or “People think that“? Why are people afraid of individual perception and thinking freely? Are you even in control of your thoughts?

“Let me think...”, Martin Lawrence‘s character, Shenehneh, from the iconic 90’s comedy of the same name, used to say before she tuned into deep thought. Shenehneh would even unabashedly communicate with herself, before making any final decisions. This western society has forced a majority of people to be fearful and/or incapable of thinking freely and evolving their thought. This isn’t anything new though. A considerable amount of things people think and/or do is passively forced on them without their realization, via various forms of media and technology.

Throughout the centuries, especially since the Diaspora were stolen from their native Kemetic aka African lands, there have been multiple shifts in consciousness. Some say, a major shift has happened every century. There are people that are in direct alignment with that shift and some people that don’t quite make it. Then suddenly, that new enlightenment is attacked by any means necessary. For example, the war on the enlightenment period that happened from the 60’s to the end of the 80’s. Additionally, just because certain people weren’t in immediate alignment with the shift, doesn’t mean that a shift can’t happen later on. It’s all about receptivity.

The current shift has been shaking things up since about 2008. There has notably been a substantial adjustment in consciousness and a major period of enlightenment. Ironically, that’s when the warfare on free thinking and the negative connotation behind “woke” began again and mostly from within the community. Isn’t that how most things are destroyed? From within?

It was as if suddenly awakening to an array of fresh ideas and thought patterns was a crime against humanity and changes in perspective were met with direct assault whenever encountered. That caused everyone to get extremely defensive. The communication worsened and the divide became more massive. People that felt they were stagnantly in the know or didn’t care about knowing shit, felt “attacked” every time Black anything was mentioned. People that started using more of their brain, were coming under attack for resisting against the norms. Literally, that is what people were/are mad at when they vehemently make statements or phrases negatively using the word, “woke”. I was watching a movie called Selah and the Spades and the lead character, Selah played by the beautiful Lovie Simone says, “The world is ending and you’re worried about my tone?” That was/is another barrier that prevents fresh ideas; if a Black persons tone isn‘t right when conversing with other Black people, unfortunately, most information will barely penetrate the psyche.

It seems like the people who are so upset at the other people who choose to think and evolve, are insane. That specific emotion is sensible when the person is a detriment to themselves, but other then that, how could what somebody else positively does with their mind and life negatively effect another person so much? Being superfluously worried about someone else’s evolution of their mind, demonstrates how scared a person is of where their mind can take them when they decide to do something different with it. It also indicates that some people know how powerful the mind is. Most of society literally allow everything else, but themselves to control their thoughts. Has anyone ever considered why it’s so important to attempt to control thought? We’ve all heard that saying, “We only use a small percentage of our brains,”. To better clarify that statement; we only focus on our own positive thoughts 10% percent of our time. Aren’t some of ya’ll curious about what we could amass when we completely tune in and focus?

As children, we get indoctrinated into our parents ideas, societies rules, and regulations immediately. Through the course of our childhood, it’s as if you’re being manipulated, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad, and both. The main goal, should be about nurturing the divine gifts of the child so the universe can continue to propel forward, whether those gifts are in mathematics and engineering or music and gardening. It’s possible that most people don’t believe they have gifts of their own and when someone else’s gift shines through, those people are unable to believe in yours either. When some of us finally break those attachments, those people that “raised us” feel like they’ve lost control or something. Which is crazy, because why was controlling another human so important to begin with?

To all my freethinkers, keep on keeping on. The time is now to expand the mind even more. The crown chakra is being illuminated. This is a divine time to manifest anything your heart desires. Whether you’re choosing new thought patterns, while releasing old ones and/or manifesting greatness into your experience. Do not be ashamed because you broke the monotony of going along with everyone else’s get along and taking the scary path of questioning everything you were taught and continue to be told. Making the conscious choice to think outside of all of the fucked up boxes this society and the indoctrinators try to force you into. GET OUT!

With Love, Nhayah

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