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You Can’t Sit With Us

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

If every single one of us don’t get on the ship, is it over? If you’re Black, why if one acts up, does it mean we all get smacked up? It’s encouraged to detach from any toxic relationship, why is it so challenging for us to do that with the ugly parts of our culture?

Black folks feel like since WE, the billions of bronze bodies on this Earth, aren’t ALL coming back together at once, then absolutely nothing can progress. If we aren’t on the same page of the book, then the rest of the pages don’t matter and the book is closed. Has it ever occurred to us that merely hoping for every single Melaninated soul to get their mind right is what’s actually holding us back?

Law of attraction explains that you must know and believe, with certainty, what you desire for it to manifest. If the unwavering belief is there, then you should adjust what you want to manifest so that you can truly believe it and move forward with creation. As you manifest and see things come to fruition, your belief and manifestations will certainly get bigger. There are people who want millions of dollars, but as much as some want it, they don’t have the definitive belief they will obtain it. Then there are those who just get wealth in every aspect of their life.

At this point, the idea that everyone is going to elevate their minds and spirit, is incorrect and a essentially a false belief. Every culture has balance. They have their good and their bad. You just hardly hear about their bad because they disassociate themselves with those shits. They don’t blow it up and get on a major platform and say, “We white people have got to stop terrorizing these public places with mass shootings.” They act as if those toxic and weak facets of their culture cease to exist. Like a tree, those cultures continue to grow even with the stunted branches.

The African Diaspora living in America, are the only culture who need everybody, ladi dadi, to be on board. If one or five are bad, then it’s a collective issue and WE ALL must broadcast how bad WE ALL look. Nah. When I converse with other enlightened individuals, they will have a spiel of wisdom and positivity, then conclude it by saying, “WE won’t do it.” What? When has that stopped any other group of people? At this point, there’s no passionately and/or vehemently trying to get the weak hearted to regain their strength. The strong must double our strength with who we’ve got and just push forward.

For example, there’s some of us that overstand the oppressive Neanderthal conditioned us against our natural beauty standards, that’s why we aggressively accepted and took them back. Then there are those who want to mostly keep rejecting their natural beauty standards and using what’s becoming an outdated cliche, “Well they conditioned us against our hair, so now I’m stuck in this way and there are Black Women with naturally straight and blonde hair.”

Everyone won’t get a seat at the table. Everyone won’t be able to dance in the village at this time. I’ve come to the conclusion that as a Collective, we must disassociate ourselves with the unrighteousness, the opposers and the unenlightened. Those who ridicule those who are wanting to use 100% of their brain have got to be left behind. The ones that always have some slick woke shit to say. Everyone probably won’t make it out of those destructive vibrations, however, that does not mean that the Collective can not move forward. It may be temporary, it could be forever, but right now, they just can’t sit with us.

I’ve ceased and desisted claiming those that want to stay in the lower dimensions, begging for attention, repeatedly crying because of the shattered illusion of inclusion, delusional and defenseless and hoping for the same shit. If someone says to me, we gotta come together, my response is we are coming together in righteous groups, big and small all over. We may not be in one massive group, but we are out here and we know what time it is when we align with someone on that same vibration.

A lot of ya’ll are way too busy holding on to the word nigga and trying desperately to translate it into a term of endearment, while inviting its incessant use by the others, to move forward and reclaim our roots and thrones. You know you came from royalty, but you haven’t reflected on how we lost it. It isn’t because of some divine curse. Some things fell exponentially out of balance: spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.

We aren’t all going to “come together”, however, the RIGHTEOUS is coming together, wether we are in the same space or from a distance. Even that seemingly small group is more powerful then ALL of us coming together. PERIODT. Know this, Balance will be restored regardless if everyone is on board with it. Asé.

With Love, Nhayah Goode

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