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'Ghosts' Sex Driven Self Destruction on Starz Series, 'Power'

Ghost & Tasha: Courtesy of Starz

Yes! I love that show 'Power' on Starz and I'm not afraid to say it. Enlightened and all, I still indulge in a little tasteless TV. I've kept up with Power since the show began in 2014 and it's still really interesting to me, especially if you just let it be what it is, which is entertainment, nothing more. I won't be doing a major recap, these are thoughts really for people that have been keeping up with it. Stay tuned for my more detailed recaps of my favorite show right now, 'Insecure' on HBO, season 2 premiers on July 23rd!

On this current season of Power, the shows main character, Ghost played by Omari Hardwick, is locked up. Why? Because he cheated on his family. That's the moral of the story. I always like to reference what happened in the beginning when ever I discuss anything. 'Well what was the cause?' 'Who started it?' Ghost did. When he decided to start cheating on his family. When you're committed and children are involved, you're not just unfaithful to your partner, you're unfatihful to the whole family. Which is exactly the case in Ghosts life. When he started dropping the ball to be involved with Angela and leave everything he and his wife, Tasha played by the gorgeous Naturi Naughton, created, his life started falling apart, due in large part to self destruction. The very moment Ghost started dealing with Angela, Lela Lorens homewrecking character, his friends were pissed off at him, his associates were pissed, his wife was pissed, his confused son Tariq was increasingly extremely pissed. His new growing list of enemies were pissed, his arch nemesis Kanan, returned from the dead and was still pissed.

Apparently Ghost and Angela were highschool sweethearts and in season one, he immediately lost control of his mind. He was even warned that pursuing a normal life and seperating from his family would endanger everyone and everything, but he still pursued recklessness! It's crazy to me. Sure, you are one of the biggest distributor of narcotics in New York and now you want to go the clean route, but that's impossible. Now what's next? I mean you have to follow the logic, which is something you will see me write a lot. Then ironically, the poison from his past is a U.S. Attorney that investigates cases that have everything to do with what he deals with. I mean all the warning signs were there. Ghost didn't consider his wife or his kids or his freedom when it came to pursuing something heavily based around good sex. Sons lose a lot of respect for their Fathers when they see how they treat their Mother and then most times those sons tend to duplicate that behavior in certain ways, in my opinion. Which is the reason why Tariq is vehemently angry at both of his parents and now that psychotic demon, Kanan Executive Producer 50 Cents character is spreading his toxic energy to that child and I think it's getting close to the point of no return.

My perspective is that, Men and Women, should never recklessly and disrespectfully leave a solid foundation for a brief pleasurable, and potentially dangerous encounter. Sex in any form is not worth being destroyed and destroying what's been created.

Looking forward to seeing how everything developing in Season 4 is going to transpire and be on the look out for more random thoughts on Power!

With Love...

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