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A Message About Listening and Receptivity

I sometimes ask myself this question, because I know how stubborn I can be sometimes, especially in conversation and especially when I feel like I know for certain I'm not going to change my opinion. There are some things that you absolutely probably won't budge about, I get it because you feel like it's law, it's actual and factual. However, at what point do you invite other ideas and possibilities? You know, think outside of your own box and really try to see things through a different lens? I saw a brother say in a group post to another brother who was needing a little too much assistance, "You're working hard to limit yourself, brother." Read that again. That statement has repeated in my mind several times when I think about myself and how I receive and respond to others as well as a plethora of other situations, because there is a limitation in that as well and I believe it truly applies to this topic and several others.

I have learned and am still learning that receptivity is important, because that's how you receive messages. Its very simple. You truly have to be ready to receive. Yes, it's important to trust your own thoughts and opinions and being receptive is knowing that you don't know everything, while it also encourages you to develop proper discernment so that you can know what and who you need a little better. Everyone needs a little something. You deserve what you desire and desire what you deserve and it comes in many ways and you must be ready to receive.

I'm dealing with someone right now who has a very difficult time listening and receiving what people are telling him. I feel he constantly recites what he hears from certain leaders, but I don't feel like he truly receives or lives the message. In conversation, you can talk till your face is blue, but in his mind he knows everything, is content with the person he is and his current thought processes, yet most of the responses he receives are negative. Most of the energy he gives off is hostile for no reason. Simple destructive actions, cause a domino effect. I wonder if he wants to create an energy that is feared and dismissive so that he can ensure his dominance? Versus humbling himself, knowing where his strength and power is, and still creating good, attractive energy around him? Just because you are innately dominant and know that you will demand respect, doesn't mean that you have to walk around as if you are omnipotent and omniscient. You can't be those two things and not understand humility. I believe humility and receptivity go hand in hand.

I am an advocate of self reflection. Some people just look at themselves and see perfection. If you truly reflect on yourself, then you will also look at the bad and the ugly, because there are always a few things that you can adjust and tune up.

With Love...

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