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'Insecure' Episode 1 Recap: 'Hella Great'

Issa & Molly: Courtesy of HBO

Inglewooooood!! I'm HELLA excited, Insecure is back! And I got you with the racap!!

2. So Molly is in therapy??? What do we think? Sheeeesh. I guess last season was rough. I lover her therapists book shelf and book collection though! Molly is not opening up about anything yet and I get it, but I can see we will be getting down to the real her real soon. That mtWTFss shirt that Issa wore while on their walk was dooope! I needs that! We have a new line ladies: 'Super human n*gga repellant' minus the n*gga. Lets try a little Negus in our lives. Which one of ya'll got some on right now? Let me know andand I want to know why! I may include it in my readers letters.

Issa & Molly: Courtesy of HBO

3. Lawrence and Tasha were gettin' it in!! These loves scenes are rated triple XXX! Sheesh they leave nothing to the imagination anymore. I sometimes think it's really happening. Anyways, Tasha is definitely all the way in to Lawrence, but I'm not sure if the feeling is mutual. But it does looks like it feels good!

4. Yaaaasss! You definitely saw that correctly, massa did not like for our ancestors to read books and Reginal Halls cameo scene is extremely symbolic. When Chad said, "Oh bitch let the bitch read!" is even more reason for you to find your nearest Black Owned bookstore and read something about your culture. Mine is Black World Books right here in Central Texas. I love the incorporation of true history in small, but blatant ways. Don't let that message pass you by.

5. Lawrence said that he and Tasha we're just having fun, no pressure. I just wrote a blog about the pressures of just going with the flow or casual dating, whichever term you prefer. Man that seems light and refreshing, as long as they both receive what's happening for what it is. I like how my other blogs are correlating with this LOL!!

6. Molly discovers her white male co-worker makes more money then her because her overly excited new assistant gave her the wrong mail, which was perfect divine timing. Molly and Travis both started at that law firm at the same time and Travis had $6991.54 check. Not sure what Molly's check was yet,but I'm sure we will soon find out. I cannot wait to see how this plays out. All I know is, she better get her money!!

8. My girl Kelli coming through for the culture! She gives her white clients less on their tax returns LMAO Yaaaaaasss reparations! Rebel in any way that you can. You bute and you thick boo! Now we just need someone to real life it.

9. Lawrence did not pick up the mail at Wine Down party Issa orchestrated, however, he hella did that Two Can Play That Game style drive by. Awwww....Two Can Play That Game, a Black Movie classic. He got Issa when she least expected. I would like to point out that Issa had a partially satisfied grin on her face, so she liked it. I definitely hate this word, but Lawrence started this season off in straight Savage Mode. He deserves a little savagery though. Hopefully Issa didn't turn a good Man, bad. #Issa #LawrenceHive

Insecure definitely started off with a double bang and I'm excited for the rest of the explosions throughout the rest of season! It looks like it's gonna be hella BOMB!! Insecure comes on Sundays at 10:30pm on HBO and unless you have the Firestick, then do your thang! You can catch my recap blog the morning after every episode! #IssaBlog #Insecure #LawrenceHive

With Love...

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