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'Insecure' Episode 4 Recap: 'Hella La'

Issa & Daniel: Courtesy of HBO

Oooooh this season is getting good!! Last season Solange was the Music Director and this season it is the incomparable Raphael Saadiq, phenomenal sounds! This episode was a bit raunchy in my opinion though! Sheeesh I thought Power sex scenes were soft core porn, but it got hella hardcore in episode 4!

1. A lot of f**ckery talk in this episode by Issa. She is super hoe ready! It's as if she's never used the word in that context before, she gets a little light in her eyes everytime she uses it and I quote, "I'm tryna f**k!" Ok girl.

2. People are still throwing shade at Destiny's Child member, Michelle Williams, smh. Ok, Michelle was lowkey lit lyrically, that's where she shined, she just wasn't built for all that choreography and sexiness. And she wasn't supposed to be. I wouldn't be suprised if Beyonce told her she would be the awkward one. Beyonce slayed anything that got to close to taking her position. Had Kelly Rowland out here talking about dirty laundry.

3. Lawrence gets pulled over and changes his music from Hip-Hop to some jazzy song. His white experiences have increased ever since the split from Issa and his upgrade from Best Buy to corporate. Very symbolic. The police are always asking stupid questions. Just say why you pulled someone over. I'm sure it's because they were created to catch slaves. Then the scared cop who isn't ready for the streets, says from behind the car, "Keep your hands where I can see them." Maybe if you're punk a** would come closer, you can see all that you need to see.

4. I love a Melanin thick event! Black people everywhere! That day party looked so lit. Issa's awkward encounter with her online date was straight savage. He was Black and he dissed her hair and her voice in less then a minute. I guess she had weave in her profile picture. Then he says, "I'll find you," and walks off. Daaaaamn Gina. Daniel, the guy she cheated on Lawrence with, is there during that moment and they make eye contact again.

Daniel: Courtesy of HBO

5. Issa finally says hello to Daniel. Akwaaard. She was an awkward Black Girl the whole night. LMBO at her singing a snippet of the 'Living Single' theme song. She's the goofiest single person ever. She wasn't ready for this life.

6. Molly and her highschool friend Dro, who's married to Candice, were doing their thing on the dance floor. Then he says that he and Candice have been in an open marriage for a year now. So he wants to open Molly. Gone are the days of western societies forced ideas of marriage (see my blog on polygyny). Molly sounds like she is with it though. What would you do?

7. Lawrences day gets even more interesting. He's checking out at a store and can't find his money, so these two white girls pay for his merch. Just like that!! A threesome. But he has a difficult time getting it back up for the second THOT. Then the jump-offs reveal how they always have threesomes and the other Black Guys don't have a problem servicing them. I didn't even know that life existed. The friends that just go around having threesomes? Natural born porn stars who don't even get paid. They say, if it's your purpose, you will enjoy doing it for free first.

8. In the beginning it looked like Daniel was being smug and just knew Issa was losing with this dating thing. Then he texts her while her freind, Kelli, is getting fingered. At the table. At the party. Cause it was that urgent. After the ménage fail, Lawrence ends up parked outside of Issas apartment for a brief selah. But Issa and Daniel might have juuust rekindled their flame! Sheeeesh.

After all this savagery, Lawrence might be back and ready to forgive, but if Issa has already aligned with Daniel, I don't know how this will work. Or she might just be rebounding with who she cheated with. If only people could just be single for a minute after a major break up. Get your mind right before jumping back into something else. Sometimes it works out to continually seek your soulmate and sometimes it's good to just be found. Be sure to catch next weeks episode of Insecure on HBO at 1030.

With Love...

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