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'Insecure' Episode 5 Recap: 'Hella Shook'

Issa and Molly: Courtesy of HBO

Well, we are at the halfway mark of Insecure Season 2. Why is the season only 8 episodes still? I thought that was just the pilot season amount and they are still on that. At least make it 10 episodes! Sheesh!

1. Issa couple! Or nah. I guess Daniel and neighbor bae are in her 'Hoetation'. Smh. Daniel is about to catch super feelings and Issa just not in the feelings spirit. Issa is a bonafied, certified, can't deny it hoe right now, let her tell it.

3. Pastrami tacos though? That's different. I prefer my tacos with more traditional fillings please.

4. Lawrence catches an image of Issa & Daniel at the Day Party from last weeks episode on Kelli's IG and he begins a heavy social media stalking campaign.

5. Frieda is still acting like she's trying to save lives. She thinks Issa is leaving out the Latino kids. I thought that they were leaving themselves out from the first episode. Frieda is acting like she's upset because Issa isn't agreeing with her about calling out Black/Melaninated people for our discriminatory remarks against other ethnic groups. I agree with her in that sense, because we're all Black and need to stop enouraging white supremacies divisiveness. However, she needs to reflect on how and why we got to a place of frivolous remarks about different cultures in the first place. white people need to worry less about what everyone elses culture is doing and focus on their barbaric history, then we could probably get somewhere. They're the only culture that never focuses on their own diabolical history. Fix the issues that you pretend don't exist in your community. You started it.

6. Speaking of white people, Issa goes on a date with a white man. "Horchata, easy on the chata, heavy on the Hor." I mean she is really emphasizing this hoe shit. Her and Lawrence are certainly crossing over to the white side. Daniel was blowing her up the entire night. He's definitely not acting like someone in a hoetation.

Dro and Molly: Courtesy of HBO

7. Lionel, the good on paper guy, is Molly's date for her parents 35 year anniversary party. The good on paper guy always seems like he won't be satifsying long term. Why is that? The unavailable 'Dros' of the world are always more appealing.

8. Chad tells Lawrence that it's not just Issa's fault for cheating. He says that perhaps it was the unemployed for 2 years and living off of her, that may have caused her attraction to shift. I agree and disagree. You should always believe in your partner even in the midst of shortcomings and never cheat because of that. Stay or leave. Too Easy.

9. Issa gets caught trying to take a hella awkward picture of her yoni (sankskrit word for vagina) for neighbor bae in the bathroom at work. Giiiirrll. You don't send partial nudes or any nudes for someone in the hoetation. It gets worse. She gets in a car accident looking at a picture of 'potential baes' HUUUUGE d**k pic. Now her car is wrecked because of these self proclaimed hoe activites. Daniel picks her up and she tries to say we're just friends, but she doesn't say it. Stop beating around the bush Issa. Dang.

10. Molly freaks out because it's revealed her Father cheated on her Mother. She's disappointed because she's been lookig for a man like her Father. She asked her mother why she stayed. Why wouldn't she though? Molly should have wanted to understand the staying power of her Mother instead of catching a tantrum. She flees the party and Lionel doesn't go after her, Dro does. Which means Dro and Molly finally get. it. in. Will she become girlfriend number two, maybe start a polygyny thing because of Dros "open raltionship"? Will he leave his wife? You're probably thinking I'm obsessed with polygyny, I just think it could work.

The halfway mark is always climactic! With only 8 episodes, we won't have to wait long to see how these insecurites will play out! Be sure to catch next weeks episode on HBO at 1030 or stream that thang the smart and inexpensive way!

With Love...

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