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'Insecure' Episode 6: 'Hella Blows'

Molly & Dro: Courtesy HBO

Ya'll know Yvonne Orji is a virgin in real life? So yes she's doing some amazing acting during these sex scenes she's been in while on this show! I wonder does acting out these intense scenes make the virgin struggle that much harder? I love that there are women out here that still value that though! These women need to be glorified! Not the Amber Heauxs and Kim Karsmashians. Just my opinion, lets get to the recap though!

1. Molly and Dro have a hella awkward after action conversation. Last week, they knocked the boots. Like how do you smash and then act like ya'll can't converse? Ya'll have been in and on each other, say something.

2. Issa didn't learn anything from her d**k pic accident last week. She popped up on neighbor bae, "Come get this African p*ssy," however, neighbor bae had another bae in bed. So she spits, "I hope you can't get it up and her p*ssy is trash!" After that, the neighborhood gangsta asks her to go to Target to get some,"Bleenex and Blorox Bleach." LMBO...gang members be like.

3. Lawrence has a phenomenal work presentation. Then the white "bosses" made it awkward by asking him about his "fly" retro J's. His female co-worker tries to tell him that his info was outdated and they just aren't that into it based off of their reaction and lack of questions. Typical type of oppressive work environment. Or any environment.

4. Molly a** is second guessing her night of adulterous passion with Dro. Girl bye. Talking about, "I was all emotional about my parents." You had been fantasizing about that smash. Smh. So she smashed again. I still do not know why she is so mad at her mother because of her choice to stay with her father after his infidelity. I think she's acting pretty silly. Declining calls for that?! People decline calls for much worse coming from their bloodlines.

Issa & Molly: Courtesy HBO

5. "And get whatever you want girl, it's on you," says Issa at the burger joint her and Molly pull up too. When your friends just know that they are paying for your food. They are the real MVP.

6. Issa was trying to jump her white prospect, Nico, into her "hoe-tation", but he tells her to slow down, let's go to dinner, I really like you. These men like you for real Issa, you're just no hoe material.

7. Lawrence went back to his white bosses and asked if they had any additional thoughts and they said no. They said that they love his ideas, energy, perspective and they mentioned his sneakers yet again. Typical superficial white behavior. One idea they don't like or they do actually like, and no credit is given and then you're reduced to your clothing or physical feature. Lawrence better start his own company and don't let these white boys limit him.

8. At the sexplosion, the foursome have the Black Women and blow jobs conversation. Issa and Kelly (Natasha Rothwell) are not fans of the BJ, but Molly is a willing participant. Issa says she's not comfortable with a d**k in her mouth and Black blondie Tiffany (Amanda Seales) asks, "But you're ok with a d**k inside you?" That's a good question though, especially if you're a receiver. Black blondie claims that's why Black men are chasing white women. Nah bruh. She's definitely whitewashed. Black women enjoy fellatio, lets not stimulate these idiotic myths. These myths prevent the truth.

9. Molly and Dro were just about to get it on and poppin', but then his wife, who is apparently ok with an "open" relationship, calls because she was locked out of their house. That's how that goes, but I'm wondering is this open thing really true? And if it isn't, then Molly is not properly applying her lawyer skills to her life.

10. Issa decides to link up with Daniel after two failed sex attempts, however, that's another fail. And I'm surprised that she would go to neighbor bae or the other guy first. Issa eagerly gives him a BJ though. It ain't nothing to it but to do it! Then, Daniel ejaculates directly into her eye. Surprise!! Issa storms out of his apartment and catches a Lyft, all while rubbing her eye. What?? Like I just don't understand. So she left with nothing. Bruh, if you're going to be about that life, you must be prepared for anything. I'm hoping for her speedy recovery.

Uggggh, ONLY 2 EPISODES LEFT!! How is this season going to end?? I'm going to visit the actors Instagram pages and ask about making a seasons. It's just not enough! I need more! Be sure to catch the last two episodes of Insecure on HBO or from your favorite livestreaming method at 1030!

With Love...

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