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'Insecure' Episode 7 Recap: 'Hella Disrespectful'

Issa & Lawrence: Courtesy of HBO

I am so hella disrespectfully late with this recap, but I don't think I should miss recapping just because my Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were incredibly busy with performances, networking, and working at Black World Books. Anyways, this episode comes right after Issa got her eye shot up after fellatio. See what I did there.

1. Molly is sooo extra! Where was she going to get the 'cum bags' to bomb Daniels house with though? I love my friends and I'm always down, but I'm going to stick with eggs and toilet paper. At least Molly is ready for that mission though!

2. Issa bonds with the Mexican student on the bus, so I guess Issa & Frieda are cool again. Frieda was mad because she felt Mexicans weren't being included in the 'We Got Ya'll' program and why Issa didn't acknowledge Black people who discriminate. I think the writers are making something out of nothing with this or placating the masses. My thing is, the Mexican kids stole the candy and dipped out at the first 'We Got Ya'll' meet up, so they probably weren't interested then. I think Issa just wasn't worried about it in a huge 'let's make an uproar' manner. I still think Frieda needs to be more concerned with why her community continually discriminates. She should go back to her community with those same concerns and grudges and silent treatments. I want to know more about her background. How and why did she become interested in helping out ethnic communities? How do any white people get interested? What caused her to allegedly positively influence those communities and not apply it to her own community?

3. Molly gets jealous because Dros wife Candice was invited to Dereks Birthday party. Molly's instant jealous is interesting since she knowingly involved herself in an 'open relationship'. If you know you're the jealous type and you're testing out being in an untraditional relationship largely based off sex, then you might want to stick to the standard way of doing things.

4. Issa discovers she was blocked on social media by Lawrence when she's messaged that he's attending Derek's birthday party. She wanted to do some last minute stalking, I mean last minute checking. She was super mad, so she dropped some real vicious bars in her favorite place, the bathroom studio. "You fixed your pu**y a** fingers to really block me my ni**a?!" Sheeesh. Lawrence blocked her after he did some stalking, I mean checking on her page and discovered she was caked up with Daniel. Yeah, men are super petty these days. Women started trying to act more like men and they turned around and started acting like us!

Issa & Frieda: Courtesy of HBO

5. Molly & Issa are taking stands at their jobs. Molly started negotiating her contracts ahead of her annual review at the law firm and the bosses called it unusual. "Well given when Grayson & McKinney were promoted to partner, this firm has demonstrated it isn't bound to timing when it comes to hard work." BAM! That was the most eloquent and precise snap back. Issa calls out the principle at her school for allegedly excluding Latino students from the 'We Got Ya'll' program. Completely unbothered, the principle says, "Oh! Now you coming at me with some All Lives Matters?" Then he says, "Girl calm down, ain't nobody dead." I'm still trying to figure out what is he doing to physically prevent the Hispanic students from being involved? If anyone knows, let me know.

6. Daniel jokingly says to Issa that they're even now, after the skeet in the eye because of when she cheated on Lawrence with him and dissed him. Issa didn't respond to that well at all. Timing is everything. You don't tell someone that you may have skeeted in their eye because of retaliation, especially when their reaction to the skeet wasn't a satisfying one at all. However, I still don't understand why she was so mad about the accidental skeet in the eye in the first place? She had to have known what she was potentially exposing herself too.

7. Lawrence & new bae, Aparna crashed Dereks dinner party. The situation is so awkward, Issa eventually walks out. Lawrence follows Issa outside and they get into a knockdown drag out argument and he calls her a hoe again. Give a man a legitimate reason to call you a hoe and you're a hoe forever. New bae comes to the rescue and they leave together. New bae is about to get old and new Lawrence. Damn Issa.

8. Molly and Candice have a pleasant conversation. The 3 of them look like a potentially dope polygynous family. I'm wondering does Candice really know and if the show will explore polygyny? Molly realizes she isn't about that open relationship life, but then she smashes again. In the bathroom at the dinner party. It must be that good. Molly and Dro coordinate their bathroom exit strategy and I think that was her wake up call. Super awkward smashing someones husband in the bathroom at a dinner party. If he was your man, it would be very different. Why do we make these uncomfortable decisions? She finally calls her mother. Her mother explains that she loved her Father, which is why she stayed with him and she may have never gotten over the infidelity, but he made her feel special more then he hurt her. Subjective message! Although, it's always about how we feel.

9. Issa destroys her apartment. I can understand her ferocity. Things haven't been that great for her since she cheated and got broken up with. This 'hoetation' has definitely been a 'nahtation'. She probably could have rocked with Daniel, but that wasn't what she wanted in a desperate hoe state of mind. It's rare when you can build with who you cheated with. She kept speaking that hoe shit into existence and you do get what you attract. Also, I'm sure that was a fun scene to film but in real life, destroying your own property is doing way too much. Then again, that could be a way of cleansing. Her apartment nearly burned down, it may be time to leave that area. Start new. She cheated, apartment burned down, and wrecked her car. Yeah, she needs several moments of refreshment.

Next week is the season finale. How do they plan on closing this thing out in 30 minutes, after only 8 episodes!? Can we get a 45 minute season finale or something pleeasee?? I'll have your season finale recap next week and make sure you're tuned in to HBO at 10:30 on Sunday or whereever you streamers stream!

With Love...

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