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'Insecure' Episode 8 Recap: 'Hella Perspective'

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Courtesy of HBO: Lawrence

The season finale was a simultaneous 30 days fast forward in the lives of the main characters. That gentrification symbolism is deep and happening everywhere. From Inglewoood to I Wood?? I don't even like how it's spelled. We hella need to support Black Businesses in Black neighborhoods. All Black Everything.

1. 30 Days with nearly gentrified Lawrence and after seeing Issa at the marathon while running with new bae, things get hectic. We finally learned the name of the slave show Regina Hall is in throughout the season, Due North, while Lawrences homeboys filled his head with frivolous ideas about him working with Aparnas ex. Anthing with an ex only becomes an issue if there are already unfinished issues.

2. Lawrence and new bae were on their way to a movie until his PTID (post traumatic Issa disorder) jealousy slipped out again. Aparna plays no games and tells him to pull da car over. I guess it's always cute when women of different cultures pull off a Melaninated pop off. Then Issa calls as Aparna is getting out of the car. Talk about alignment! That escalated too quickly though. There must be a legit cool down period in between relationships.

3. 30 Days with Molly and she's intentionally receiving ofers from other firms, including this perfect Black firm, but she's only getting more offers to appeal to her current white bosses hoping they will promote her. The bosses know she's getting offers and nonetheless, they give her a rising star award. A !@#$%^&* rising star award. Smh. Molly has been vibing with the big guy Quentin, played by Lil Rel Howery, but of course we're sometimes never attracted to the guy that's extremely attracted and potentially good for us. Why IS the should more appealing then the could?

4. Molly is seeing her therapist again and at that exact moment her vampire, Dro messages her. A vampire, one that drains your energy, focused mindset, etc. Dro puts her under that True Blood Glamour stuff and then there she is smashing in crazy places. Instead, however, Molly courtesy smashes Quentin on the couch at the office. I don't like how her characther is developing. Some see it as sexually free, I see it as f**cked and confused. She has to be tired of smashing and seeing how it plays out?

Courtesy of HBO: Molly & Issa

5. 30 Days with Issa and she sees Lawrence and Aparna celebrating at the marathon. Tough visuals. Tiffany celebrates everyones success around the table and has nothing when it comes to Issa. Hella crickets. Issa's separate 'We Got Ya'll' weekend classes for Latino students, because of alleged and unreported exclusion by their Black highschool principal, goes terribly wrong with her boss and Issa takes full credit for it. So Frieda is promoted to the new director of student outreach and people barely applaud for their own reasons. All of this madness started in Issa's life when she cheated. Issa is moving and has to live with people until she gets her own place. She planned on moving in with her brother, but he is the meanest gay male characther I've ever seen portrayed on TV. Issa invites Lawrence to have the couch they picked out together while.

6. Issa goes for her final walk through looking hella cute! Just because you're apartmentless and carless, doesn't mean you have to look it. Lawrence is having a selah (moment of reflection) when she gets there and they finally have a civilized conversation which consists of them apologizing for not understanding and being better for each other. They exchange I love you's and hugs and then a flash forward happens, he proposes, they get had me going at first too! Not sure where they will go from here, but he sent her a friends request though (Issa smile)!

7. "B**ch magic? We ain'nothing but some tricks!" Issa is so crazy! Black Girl Magic ain't for everybody! The episode closes with Molly still smashing Dro. Those scenses looked too good for her to stop being a side chic. Issa decides to move in with Daniel. I understand why she didn't move in with her brother and friends, she doesn't want to ruin those relationships because of short term, impromtu homelessness. So move in with a clean, trusted dude you don't like real fast. I guess they went back to the things they don't need and don't like. The familiarity situationship is so hard to break free from in your time of need.

All this confusion in only 8 episodes and we have to wait all the way untill 2018 for clarity! I know one thing though, they better add two more episodes to the seasons. I can't with these Awkward Black Girl 8 episodes, smh. I honestly don't think Lawrence and Issa will get back together and if they do, it's going to be a long minute. She cheated during the courtship stage! It's possibly forgivable after 10 years of marriage, but she might have to settle for her shooter, Daniel. I love this show, it is simplistically phenomenal! Delving into the perspectives of these types of Black Women and their lifestyles, especially how a Black woman's life can sometimes be in shambles, but you can still be happily LIT!

With Love...

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