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Slutty Vegan Grand Opening

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

What a delicious time to be a SLUT! If you’re unfamiliar with the healthy Slut wave that has hit Atlanta, this is a wonderful time to take the pipe. Slutty Vegan is a delicious, plant based, Black Woman Owned burger restaurant that I had the pleasure of tasting at the 2018 Sneakerball in December. I was volunteering and I didn’t get the chance to be sluttified until the end of the night. Slutty Vegan had already had their final count for the evening, but I begged the Slutty Vegan food truck if I could still be served and they actually obliged! That "One Night Stand" that changed my burger life. I had never had the opportunity to pull up to any of the Slutty Vegan food truck pop ups, however, when I found out they were opening a brick and mortar location, I programmed the date in my calendar so fast and salivated in patience for January 13th.

Now if you know me, you knows that I don’t do cold, I don’t do rain, and I don’t do lines, especially for food. I lowered my boundaries and brought down my walls for the Slutty Vegan Grand Opening though. What impressed me the most about Slutty Vegan was not only the deliciousness of the food, but their marketing as well. Slutty Vegans marketing strategy is one that all Black Owned Businesses need to pay attention too. Slutty Vegan owner, Pinky Cole, a Delta and a Clark Atlanta University alumni, has the sluttiest marketing strategy I've seen yet. The Slutty Vegan Food Truck pop ups all over Atlanta, were a major success. The truck would pop up daily at locations around different parts of Atlanta and every hungry Slut in the city would race to stand in long lines to get those burgers. Slutty Vegans' social media marketing was brilliant, with the inclusion of videos from random celebrity sluts indulging in burgers like the Sloppy Toppy, Ménage Trois, or the Fussy Hussy. Slutty Vegan also collaborated with other Black Owned Businesses in Atlanta, like the Plant Based Princess herself, Dymetra Pernell, the owner of First Batch Artisan Foods

I had arrived just in time to the grand opening of Slutty Vegan on 1542 Ralph David Abernathy. It was only 1130 and the line was already wrapped around the block. Luckily, I was surrounded by a really dope group of Sluts. V103 had the crowd lit with a playlist that kept the us all warm enough and ready to eat. By Sluts, I mean all those plant based, vegan patrons.

The ribbon cutting ceremony commenced at noon, the doors opened and serving began at approximately 1pm. The struggle did get real after the first 3 hour stretch of waiting in line, but I maintained my desire to want to support and of course, Eat! The other amazing thing I observed was the other Black Owned Businesses that showed up to the Slutty Vegan grand opening to support and cross market. From club promoters, to a popcorn vendor, Black Excellence showed up to get some. My favorite collaborative marketing came from Cakes by Keon. His team pulled up with a variety of bags of delicious cupcakes, from banana pudding to the blue mother fucker, that brought us all back to life while we waited for our Slutty plant based burgers.

Diaspora African Black People in America are known for waiting in lines for groceries, taxes, tickets, Jordans, playstations, you name it! On January 13th, I witnessed villages of Black People pulling up and struggling in the cold to support Black economics. Black People came to put their money back into a Black Owned Empire. Slutty Vegan is a Black Woman Owned Business and Black People came out by the masses to support. I truly look forward to seeing what Slutty Vegan has in their beautiful future.  

How often do you search for Black Owned Businesses in your community? How often do you complain about Black Owned Businesses? Locate a Black Owned business of your choice today and make that your Black Business Home. I am grateful that I have several. From bookstores and day spas, to restaurants and art galleries, make a commitment to pour into a Black Owned Business once a month. Black Economics Matter. Black Power Matters. 

With Love...

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