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What Does Let A Man Be A Man Mean

What does let a man be a man mean? Do Men let Women be Women? Why are Men always equating weakness to pussy? You’ve heard them talk. “Man, you such a pussy!” What does that mean? Why is there so much talk about Women's crazy emotions and no conversation about Men's delicate ego? These are the questions.

Women need to let these fuckboys fuck themselves and cancel the culture of any toxic masculinity by tuning back into our femininity. It’s a divine time for Women to return to their Feminine thrones. Femininity is in direct opposition of weakness and blind ignorance, just in case you are someone who thinks Women are weaker then men. Femininity is Women tapping into our innate power as feminine energy. Masculine energy isn’t the sole representation and isn’t always indicative of strength. I’m not sure who gave Men that stupid ass idea and why most Women easily allow, submit, and subscribe to it. How could Women so easily relinquish our power?

I’ve discovered Women have been conditioned to be SELFLESS while men have been conditioned to be SELFISH. Most Women have been conditioned to have complete disregard for their wants, desires, and needs and to mirror the wants, desires, and needs of a prospective partner, their actual partner or any Man that shows interest. This is because most of us have been mainly taught that placating the Man’s selfishness and treating him like he is so fragile and delicate because of his ego will make Women and everyone else happy. If we say or do anything that makes the perishable mind of a Man feel pressured, he’ll break into a billion pieces and it’s over. I've heard Charlemagne the God from the Breakfast Club speak about how delicate the mans ego is at least last week. I guess when a Mans weakness shows up, Women are supposed to shut up, don’t ask questions and just hope and pray he figures whatever it is out. That shit is crazy.

I am passionate about Women finally disregarding all of that which society has manipulated us into believing and loving ourselves more then we have ever loved ourselves before. Self Love is thee best Love and must come before anything. As Women, we know we’re powerful, we’ve somehow been convinced that we’re not as powerful as or more then Men: Mentally, spiritually, or physically.

The whole let a man be a man idea is flawed if it consists of any of that toxicity in a relationship. Physical strength is irrelevant at this point, because in any situation a person can have a burst of adrenaline and feel strength they’ve never felt; man or Woman. Additionally, some Women are living lifestyles they didn’t necessarily want and that’s just how their cookie crumbled. Doing or being something you don’t want to be because you’ve relinquished your power requires a different kind of strength. Finally,Women with the help of Man, create life together and the Woman carries the child for 10 months by herself and then pushes that baby human out of their Wombs through their vaginas. Let’s Talk about selflessness. Most Men have been trained to show complete disregard for what our bodies and spirits go through due to their own sick, patriarchal conditioning. All their brains agree with is that we are overly emotional, while leaving out their destructive ego. They barely care about if we have an orgasm, because their pride won’t allow them to delve into what satisfies us. They would prefer to pretend like they know what they’re doing, because Women are supposed to let a man be a man. Does that mean let him be stupid and clueless too? The lack of communication and desire to learn is because most Men are selfish as fuck and immature. Additionally, as Women, it’s imperative we know what we want, instead of hoping a Man will just magically know and be prepared to make our wants known and be ready to adjust our position when our wants aren’t obliged.

Just because Women are powerful does not men we don’t want to be feminine and protected by masculine energy, just like men want to be masculine while Women maintain our giving, nurturing and lovingingness. As soon as women maintain their power, men think we suddenly want to lift all the heavy shit and open our own doors. That's that all or nothing concept. I’m not sure who determined that Men are the only ones with power and that they should be careless about Women, but I know for certain that societies, nations, and this whole damn World can rise no higher then the Woman. Period.

As Women, we should delve into why it’s been so important for our power and intelligence to be grounded. Why do Women have to be covered up in most religions and silenced? Why has it been such a struggle to be paid properly? Why are they all up in our vaginas for all the wrong reasons? Why do some men choose and want to control and abuse Women so much? Why do Women agree and accept being taken advantage of? Who do we believe we are? It’s imperative that we as Women deprogram this undesirable mindset and reprogram our minds with positive urgency. We need to regain our power and reclaim the seat to our feminine thrones! The scales have been heavily tilted towards the masculine for quite some time now and Women are just re-balancing everything as it should be; balancing Women's emotions and Mens ego. It's not about the battle of the sexes, it's about the balance of the sexes.

With Love...

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