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Freshen Up Your Sex Fellas

Brothas how ya’ll feel? Really, how are you all feeling mentally, spiritually, sexually? Most of you have your physical upkeep down packed, but your nutritional, sexual health is out of wack. It can’t just be about protein, C4, and performance enhancing supplements. Let’s try to freshen things up a bit.

I’ve had several conversations with men about food and in my experience, a lot of you all feel like fruits and vegetables just don’t work for you. You treat it like it’s a waste of time. When asked what you eat, the reply is usually,

“Meat, meat, more meat and a piece of broccoli.”

Baby, you’ve got to do better then that. You should be eating more fresh greens and tropical fruits for a plethora of reasons and bettering your spiritual and sexual should be one of them.

We should be crystal clear on how eating more greens & tropical fruit can improve you nutritionally. It enhances your senses and energy, especially on spiritual levels and that can help improve emotional health and happiness. Better nutrition improves your internal hygiene,, cleaning up your system and revitalizing your cells. Dedicating some of your eating habits to fresh leaves and berries can improve the way you smell and taste. Yes, taste better. There was an episode of Sex and the City where Samantha performed oral sex on one of her partners and he left the worst taste in her mouth. The cliche is real: We are what we eat and if you still eat pork and a majority of it, that could be why you attract a lot of mosquitoes.

Eating poorly can age you and deteriorate your skin. Eating more of what the earth provides improves bad skin, bad body odor and bad breath. I dated a guy that just absorbed fast food and detested the idea of me occasional making food without meat and replacing it with vegetables. I encourage finding different types of fruits and vegetables you may like that get you excited about eating them. Changing where you shop for food can help with variety and I know Atlanta has some amazing farmers markets. Maybe apples and oranges aren’t your thing, try some guava or mangoes. Kale might not be your go to green leaf, so try baby arugula or dandelion leaf.

Fellas, what better reason to eat more plants but to freshen up your sex? Do you ever think about your sexual organs needing nutrition? You might be having the best sex of your life right now with your current eating habits, but evolution does happen and things change. You want to improve your health now for longer term sexual benefits, like preventing erectile dysfunction and not having the urge or desire to have sex in your older years. I have plans on being one of those sexually active and satisfied seventy year olds, just getting it.

In Queen Afua’s critically acclaimed book, A Sacred Woman: A Guide To Healing the Feminine Mind Body and Spirit, she discusses how eating healthier can enlighten sexual health. She does expound more on this with her men’s health guide entitled, Man Heal Thyself: Journey to Optimal Wellness. The two books are really great healthy lifestyle guides to have on your bookshelf. Queen Afua encourages a complete overhaul of your eating habits for better healing and spiritual health, just like the late Dr. Sebi. However, if you can just tip the scales of how your are currently eating more towards the citrusy, fruity, leafy side of life, you will be helping yourself immensely.

“The same toxic blood due to wrong eating, that flows through his heart and lungs flows into his penis as well, and so he is weak, limp, and unable to get an erection. He is sexually congested and impotent. Diligently help your man detoxify to cleanse and rejuvenate all the systems of his body. The state of your mans djed (-Khamitic term for both “penis” and “stability”) is a direct reflection of how he’s living his life.” -Queen Afua. It’s got to do more then just be big now.

Here are some of my go to healthy eats:

1. Green Smoothie: Arugula leaf, dandelion leaf, kiwi, avocado, ginger, Brazil nuts, hemp seeds, spring water, and agave syrup (healthier alternative to sugar).

2. Berry Smoothie: Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. Ginger, Brazil nuts, hemp seeds, coconut water, spring water, and agave syrup.

3. Green Salad: Arugula, Dandelion, Kale, avocado, cherry tomatoes, slices of strawberries. No dressing, but if you do, keep it light.

4. Bowl of fruit: Blue berries, strawberries, mangoes, kiwi, papaya, pineapples with a sprinkle of chia or hemp seeds.

I feel like we should all be able to dedicate one meal out of the day to nutrition. Play around with a few of these suggestions and see what healthily stimulates your pallets while also stimulating you sexually.

With Love, Nhayah Goode

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