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Black Owned Black Male Apparel

When the Black Man is feeling fresh & looking good, that Black Man energy we love so much is at an all time high. There are several things that are sexy about the way men dress and when they feel & look good, you can feel it. It makes you turn and look, you might even bite your lip a little bit. A moving, masculine work of art. He makes basketball shorts look good, especially when those calve muscles are chiseled to perfection. Baby, those grey sweat pants and a fly hoodie, paired with a dope sneaker always look dapper and delicious and that’s just casual wear. Let’s talk about how that fitted T-shirt accentuates the upper body and torso, how the sleeve stops right above the protruding bicep. That sliver of bicep is similar to a woman’s subtle décolletage; it leaves just enough for the imagination.

As it pertains to being fully clothed, there is nothing more attractive then when a man has a nice pair of pants on, pulled all the way up and over that firm butt, with a little peek of the boxer brief waistband showing. Honestly, Men's butts are underrated and when it’s sitting perfectly in jeans or suit pants, mouth watering will ensue. If you’re mouth is watering from that, imagine, the physical responses when you see that Black Man crisp and tailored in a bad ass suit and tie.

Traditionally, that Black suit or tuxedo is all we’ve seen and with a slight change in the suit jacket from black to white. Lately, Black men have been showing out when it comes to formal evening wear. From bold and vibrant blazers combined with a nice pair of paints to exquisite maroon and teal tuxedos that are quite succulent.

Earlier this year, there were a few designers that stepped out of line with their fashion decisions as it pertains to the Black community. Those actions encouraged the Culture to invest in more Black Owned Apparel. Finding Black Owned apparel can be difficult when everything else is so dominant and heavily influenced. However, if you take the time to seek, you shall find.

Here are a couple of dope Black Man Owned and Black Owned brands you should include in your shopping sprees, while also boosting the Black economy.

Served Fresh

Is here to serve you. They have really amazing graphic tees & hoodies that represent all of our excellent Black heroes, with images from Harriet Tubman to Trayvon Martin. They’re apparel is always fresh and some items are available for a limited time only, so get it while it’s hot.

“Fueled by the passion to raise awareness about social and pop-cultural topics, ServedFresh™ bakes keen wit, satire and polished design into a clothing brand with purpose.” – @servedfresh


SKRUED offers some vibrant, anti anxiety messages within their apparel. Founder Mike Catlett is trying to tell you man, eff your anxiety! They’re encouraging you to take control of your mind & spirit. SKRUED is on trend this season with neon trucker hats and tracksuits in their latest collection.

“SKRUED is a streetwear brand created to inspire individuals to embrace their passion and prepare to catch their dream. Like an actual screw, our mission is to reach the core of people through inspiration.” – @skrued #SKRUEDGANG

Hideoki Bespoke

When it’s time to get polished, Hideoki Bespoke will bring out the debonair in the Black Man. You may have recently seen Atlanta’s very own T.I. adorned in Dedrick Hideoki’s garments, located in the famous Buckhead. The professional and/or sleek Black Man will appreciate a custom made creation from this designer.

“Born of traditional craftsmanship, infused with an innovative style, and personalized to express the clients individuality, a Hideoki Bespoke garment enhances every client’s lifestyle.” @hideokibespoke

HGC Apparel

We have the most popular and influential culture in the world and HGC Apparel has colorfully and abstractly emblazoned that fact on apparel reminiscent of the 90’s. This is a Black Woman Owned clothing line and Founder Marcia Smith has provided a thorough Men’s section for the brothers!

“Our vision was to revive the early 90’s and to bring back the air of Black pride that most of us as youth associated with that time.” @hgcapparel

Being the most fashionable and creative culture in the world, we should have more Black Owned clothing lines! Perhaps this will inspire a designer to finally bring their vision into fruition.

With Love, Nhayah Goode

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