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Bun B Shoots Intruder: What Would You Do?

Now didn’t they tell you Don't Mess With Texas and H Town is where it goes down? On Tuesday, legendary, “Trill OG” MC, Bun B showed a burglar what they were talkin’ bout.

Authorities say that Bun B’s wife, Angela “Queenie” Walls, heard the doorbell ring and expecting an Amazon package, she opened the door without checking. That’s when masked suspect, DeMonte Jackson, pointed the gun at her head and forced himself inside the home. In fear of her and her husbands life, she pleaded with the suspect to just take her Audi from the garage rather then going upstairs. That’s when Bun B, who’s real name is Bernard Freeman, realized something was wrong and he retrieved his pistol. Bun B went to the garage and shots were fired between him and the intruder. This incident is coming too soon after the tragic death of Nipsey Hussel. All Praises that Bun B and his wife are safe and unharmed. The suspect, however, went to a hospital for treatment for a gun shot wound to his shoulder and was later charged with 2 counts of aggravated robbery and one count of burglary.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." Periodt.

What would you do? Don’t let this society lead you to believe that guns are scary and are unnecessary because white domestic terrorists keep opening fire in any place imaginable. As long as everyone else has guns, that’s even more reason for Black People to protect themselves and you have every right to protect you and your family. All Black People should most definitely be legally armed, with a license to carry and/or conceal. This society, especially America, can’t go from hella guns to no guns just because of the fear of mass shootings and alleged Black on Black crime. White on anyone crime is still the biggest unemphasized issue in this country. The narrative can always be changed.

Let us not forget that the Black Panther Party for Self Defense began protecting themselves and the community by openly carrying rifles and pistols after they had enough of police killing unarmed Black Men and when they realized they had every right too at the time in the state of California. A year after that, the fear of armed Black militant groups caused for the speedy abolishment of that open carry law and the Mulford Act, a state bill prohibiting the open carry of loaded firearms, along with an addendum prohibiting loaded firearms in the state Capitol, was passed. The NRA supported gun control when the Black Panthers shocked the world with their armed army, which is a different stance then they are taking now. The corrupt police organizations influenced by the FBI & Cointelpro, used to run rampant in Black communities, killing off activists themselves and/or hiring those that looked like us to kill off anyone that uttered anything anti government or oppression or Black empowerment. It wasn’t in our nature to use weapons to kill each other or to protect from each other, we needed them TO protect each other from certain others, but then of course, society got more and more dangerous and suddenly Black on Black violence was birthed.

Gun Owner Tips

1. Know and always stay aware of your local gun laws.

2. Prepare your home and have a safe place for your weapons.

3. Locate a firearms training class and/or shooting ranges in your area.

4. When you’re ready, purchase a weapon that is comfortable and suitable for you.

5. Find a local License To Carry class.

Stay strapped and Be Safe.

With Love...

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