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Sexual Deviants, Deepfakes: Leave Women Alone

Why does it seem like Women are always sexual targets? Why isn’t the fact that we have such a beautiful, pleasurable vessel cherished more? Why does it seem like sex is used to try to control or destroy us, when it’s supposed to be healing? These are the questions.

Women are the predominant victims of rape, molestation, revenge porn videos, leaked nude photos, and blatant sexual objectification. Some Women still don’t feel safe enough to breast feed their hungry baby in public. The fact that Women are still observed as objects to be used and abused is absurd. Men should sit around and discuss the ways that they have acted like sexual deviants, have abused sex, made Women feel unsafe and don’t even know it. The audacity of a man to stare at a Woman’s breast whether it be her decolletage or she is fully clothed, in mid conversation or fixating their eyes on her posterior as if it's never before been seen or honking their horns when a Woman is just minding her business, walking down the damn street. What is a Woman supposed to do, how is she supposed to feel when she sees a sexual deviants disgusting eyes undressing her? What is a Woman supposed to do when she hears you honking your horn at her, run in the middle of the street screaming?

The latest and greatest in sexual abuse, are these new deep fake videos and it’s rapid weaponization to humiliate Women. Sexual deviants are choosing celebrity, political and random ordinary Womens faces and putting them on digitally constructed bodies to make it appear as if that Woman is actually in a pornographic video. In a recent Washington Post article, one Woman’s response to this attack consisted of the obvious: embarrassment, helplessness, and the worst drug and/or feeling of all: Fear. As of right now, there is not much that can be done about these deepfakes. Sites like Pornhub and Reddit have banned the videos, but there are standalone sites that carelessly allow these fakes. All of this is because of the over sexualization of Women. On a hot day, Men can walk around carefree and remove their shirts if they so choose and it’s normalized as fuck. Obviously, if Women were to do the same thing, most Men would lose their rabid minds. Women are supposed to be in fear of being stared at and who knows what else right? A Woman can barely go bra less without some Men completely losing all their bearings. 

                                    Some Men still believe they are entitled to Women’s bodies.

I was working with a good friend of mine who I had known for 10 years here in Atlanta with music related business. However, that all changed when I wore an olive green, fitted maxi (floor length) dress to the music studio, without a bra. The dress completely covered my chest and breasts, however, my nipple prints were slightly visible through the cloth of the dress. He literally pulled me off to the side to objectify me and ask me if I could wear something else moving forward, simply because he couldn't control himself around my nipple prints. I told him he was extremely inappropriate and in the era of Me Too, why is this something that’s being discussed? I told him I wasn’t worried about his penis print, so why all the concern with what my nipples are doing? My body had nothing to do with what we were working on. It was summer time at and I love to wear summer dresses. Needless to say, we’re not even friends anymore because of this. When these things happen to Women, it’s almost as if the intention is to make us feel uncomfortable, silence, humiliate, violate, and have us living in fear of the attention our bodies may get. Reverse the roles and Men are unaffected and its mostly glorified and normalized. Nicki Minaj’s ex boyfriend, Safaree, Justin Bieber, and Chris Brown, just to name a few, have been praised for being well endowed in released photos. There was no news stories claiming they crawled into a hole and felt violated and disgusted. It happened and became yesterday’s news.

Actress Bella Thorne recently did something extremely different and innovative. A hacker stole photos from her phone and then threatened Bella for 24 hours with the release of them. She then posted her photos via her twitter account and was quoted saying, “For too long I let a man take advantage of me over and over and I’m f*cking sick of it,” she wrote adding: “NOW U DON’T GET TO TAKE ANOTHER THING FROM ME. I can sleep tonight better knowing I took my power back. U can’t control my life, u never will.” Women, your sex and body does not need to have you living in Fear. I don't care how much tits, ass and thighs you may be surrounded by, STAY CALM, you SIR are not entitled to her body. You can look, but hurry up! Tell her she’s beautiful, instead of standing there looking like a pervert.  If you are one of those sexual deviants that sees a beautiful Woman with lovely assets and you stop everything you're doing to observe, think about how fucking stupid you look. Honestly, if that’s the response that sexual deviants and/or sexual terrorists seek, then it’s necessary to give them something else: CHANGE THE NARRATIVE, BREAK THE CYCLE. Lots of Love.

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