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The Irony: Ariel and The Lion King

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Why are there talking animals in what we know as Africa in the Lion King? Why are all the other Disney Princesses in their country of origin? Why do we care about the Lion King or Disney? These are the questions.

Now I know Beyoncé, Donald Glover, the legendary James Earl Jones and Alfre Woodard and an amazing cast have marketed this movie to truly appeal to US. However, you do know in the countries that don't speak English, they have an entirely different cast doing the voices? In India, there is a different cast of voice actors and actresses playing the voices of the characters in the Lion King.

There’s a plethora of revamped shows and movies releasing because Hollywood and movie makers are mostly lazy and they like to build from already established story lines or a story that tells itself. From the MTV teen, now adult white reality drama, The Hills: New Beginnings to another Charlie’s Angels remake, they are still omitting darker, Melaninated people of Color. We're seeing mostly reboots and remakes that are maintaining their uncolorful, bullshit narratives. Once in a Haley’s Comet, there’s a remake like What Men Want, that starred Taraji P. Henson as the mind reader of men. If you remember, Mel Gibson played the mind reader of Women in the Man version of the movie. To see that type of color and gender reversal in characters is extremely rare in film, especially if it was cast a specific way. Let me be clear: I feel like if there are several lighter skin shades, there must be an equal, balanced amount of darker shades present as well. Why does there always have to be two or more white or lighter complected Women or Men and only one dark complected Person of Color?

Disney is so anti having a Woman of the African aka Kemetic Diaspora as a Disney Princess in from what we know as Africa, that there are talking animals representing US in Disney’s Mother Land movie. Throughout Disney history, they have been incredibly specific about WHERE their Princesses are FROM. Snow White is from Germany, Mulan is from China, Moana is Polynesian and Princess Tiana is from New Orleans right here in America. Pocahontas already claimed America though, right? Originally, The Princess and the Frog story was a German fairy tale. I’m surprised at how the contrast of what Disney has done was so blatantly missed even in the midst of the Little Mermaid chaos. If Disney can change Ariel into the vocalist she was destined to be, then why not do what they did in Cinderella when the damn mice turned into horses and the pumpkin turned into a carriage? Huh? Remember in Beauty and the Beast, when the dishes magically turned into humans? Why not just include Melaninated Huemans in the Lion King? Disney is all about the magic right? I’m cool with a Melaninated Goddess being a gifted songstress from under the sea, however, they should have had that same energy for The Lion King, since Disney is changing shit. Disney has used and is using Black Voices for the talking animals in their animated and live action versions of the Lion King movie.

Isn’t it intriguing how Disney refuses to change the Lion King narrative, yet they have Our Culture in an uproar over Ariel from the Little Mermaid allegedly transforming from an ordinary mermaid to a mermaid Woman of Color? The media triggered People of Color because of Ariel allegedly changing colors? If you’re not mad, then they have you entirely too focused on the shit. Quite honestly, I haven’t even seen white people talking about it at the rate of which People of Color are pouring their energy into it. Yet you’re not concerned with why the Lion King still has talking animals in what we know as Africa? I almost feel like they tried to make a mockery out of US with this, as they always do.

Coming to America and Black Panther are two of the only films that depict Melaninated People as our historically Royal selves and Michael Jackson provided us with his legendary, symbolic, Remember the Time video. Yet, we are always caught up in the rapture of Caucasians storytelling in their ancient depictions of their “history” and “royalty” in shows like Game of Thrones. It seems as if there’s an uprising of Melaninated film makers, writers, production company owners, etc. yet none of them are really changing narratives, remaking and retelling our history before slavery aka the Maafa, Black Holocaust. Ya'll do know we had a history before slavery right? I mean it’s wonderful that what happened with the “This Is Us” Men was exposed, but all that did was make us mad! Think about it. Sure, the prosecutor Linda Fairstein resigned from her charitable organizations, she was dropped by her publisher, and was dragged on social media, however, that wasn’t truly satisfying to Our Culture. Doesn’t it seem like the media, politicians, law enforcement etc. are always triggering Our anger, confusion, and low energy? Pay attention. 

I’m passionate about People of Color reclaiming their power and roots. Giving it away to psychological warfare triggers, politicians, religion, and everything else but US, is what’s really limiting our EXPANSION. The spiritual warfare has been real for Melaninated People since the paradigm shift they got us here. Think about that. Some of us know we were royal prior to the kidnapping and brutality of america, but what caused us to lose our damn minds? Another paradigm shift is upon us, don’t get left behind. Some ignorance is bliss; raise your vibration. Lots of Love...

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