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I Ain't Tryna Translate; Communicate

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Are you a selfish communicator? Are you paying attention? Are you definitive with what you say? Do you even really be saying anything? These are the questions.  First things first! Greet people when you first engage with them. Genuine greetings seem to be becoming a lost art, a lost thing to do. It's not going to break your back to ask someone how they are doing and if everything is ok in their world. "Wyd" is not equivalent to a "How are you doing?" Secondly: Stop demanding certain people listen to  your bullshit. If you’re aware that someone you know is evolving how they talk and/or doesn’t want to communicate in low energy, lower dimensional dialogue, find someone else to talk too. You also have the option of asking that person if it’s ok to converse about what’s coming out of your mouth, especially if it’s going to be some toxic, low vibrational conversation. Just because that person is close to you, doesn’t mean they are always in a mindframe to hear the shit. Some people need that gossip friend, that politics talk friend, that real talk friend, any other categories you can come up with. It is not ok to bombard someone with negative information and/or nonsense, apologize for it once you’re done, and then ask how that person is doing. Now, there are only a few exceptions to that rule, such as life changing events that need immediate attention and nurturing. Other then that, don’t hit ya mans up and unload a litany of crazy on him and then say, “I’m sorry, I just needed to vent.” No Ma’am. That’s rude. It’s important to be able to process some things by yourself without an assist from friends and family. It’s unnecessary to feel like you need to jump on the phone and get a gang of opinions and feedback. Talk to yourself about some of that shit, interpersonal communication. I’m at the place in my life, where I’m the person you talk too when you’re ready for more love, more motivation, better insight, and for me to big up everything you do, every step you take! It’s perfectly fine to be that type of person and tell all opposing conversations nah. Be cautious of those people in your life that have a propensity for gossiping. Those people that have a natural ability to shift the conversation to straight madness. Gossiping and using your words to destroy is pure wickedness. If you don’t like that person, place, thing, or situation you’re talking about, are you really going to spend hours talking shit?? Think about it. Does the shit talking

make you feel good? If it does make you feel good, then time to self reflect on your dialect.  Paying attention is vital in conversing. If you’re not paying attention, tell that person that now is not a good time for you to properly listen, let’s talk later!

Stop expecting everyone to communicate the way you do. Everybody doesn’t receive the same way. Quite similar to how some people reread a certain passage in an article or book or they rewatch a movie and see and/or hear something new?? Shit like that happens in everyday communication, B. That’s why it’s good to have a light after action review of a conversation or a Selah to reflect on what was discussed so that everyone involved is clear.

These days, you have to be extremely specific and concise because shit gets lost in translation. For example, some people use “BIG” words aka an advanced vocabulary to explain themselves, extreme metaphors, detailed phrases and terms that only they and/or a few may know, when sometimes simplicity goes a long way with certain minds. Sometimes people talk to people as if the other person is absolutely clueless. However, this can also be that the story teller is extremely excited or passionate about the information. Listening will allow you to know who you’re talking too. You could be saying something clear and definitive and the other person may have selective listening because they have trained their mind to avoid the topic or pretend like they have been listening. You might think that person is stupid or careless and that’s true most of the time, but sometimes that persons mental and spiritual limitations isn’t providing for their expansion. At that point the messenger needs to decide if they’re going to keep repeating themselves or let it go. If you’ve already explained yourself, why are you still talking? At this point, asking questions is the only option; a wise mentor told me to always ask questions. People barely get the answers they need because they’re scared to ask the questions. Scared to ask a question? Nah, you’re scared that you’re not going to hear what you want to hear. That's the risk you have to take, as opposed to living unknowingly and mysteriously. One of the best ways to being an effective communicator is trusting yourself. Some of the stupidest people are out here communicating things to the world because they trust their ability to be effective with the dumb shit. Donald Dump is one of them. It’s mostly the deep thinkers and people with true things to say that refrain from frivolous talk and forcing their definitive, effective information. These people overstand the masses are mostly, continually manipulated by and stuck in stupidity and/or the people they are trying to get through to are momentarily impenetrable. Lately, I've been studying and listening to how humans communicate. Observing those people and their level of receptivity and analyzing different ways of saying things and using words so that it can resonate with people. I believe that those that want to hear, will hear. Communication is an evolvable, actionable item. They like to tell us that Hueman nature does not change, however, evolution is vital and it's personal. Just because it appears that the masses aren't choosing positive evolution, doesn't mean it's not being chosen and happening. You can still evolve in the midst of what seems to be a stand still society. Innerstanding what needs to be changed is most important and how it needs to be changed follows right behind that. Everything isn’t an actionable item in the sense of physical movement, marching, seats at the table, etc. Most actionable items require actively rewiring, evolving, changing parts of your mind. The action begins in our mind, as the mind is our most powerful resource.

Lots of Love, Nhayah

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