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What The Hair Is Going On?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

Is your hair really that hard to style and nurture or are you just lazy? Why is every fucked up wig better then your own hair? What does a protective style protect from and why aren’t Black Men using the same excuses when they wear their natural curls and kinks? These are my questions.

I attended the Curl Fest recently, which is a festival that originated in Brooklyn, New York. It was created by four brilliant Women who had only been corresponding via email before finally linking up in an apartment in the city. They created this celebration of Black Hair because the war on our Crowns was at DEFCON 2, which means that’s the next step to nuclear war. The Army had put bans on braids, which was not my experience when I joined. That rule that was quickly reversed. Corporate America crown attacks had surged and in some cases are still happening and the victims are silently dealing with it. The CurlFest came at an extremely necessary time. 

The festival recently landed here in Atlanta and it was astonishing to see a massive crowd of curly, kinky, coily, loc’d crowns! Diaspora Women everywhere embracing and loving every inch of their scalps. The Curl Fest promotes and encourages more Black Women too love and celebrate their hair by any means necessary.

Historically, the Neanderthal has had a deep rooted issue with the Melanin Crown. So much so, that there are white people that still say atrocious things when it comes to our hair. Why is Black Hair such a threat to white people in America, yet europeans all over the world are wearing our styles? I took a trip to Santo Domingo recently and Russian, German, and Swedish Women were wearing braids like I’ve never seen before. I’ve had several Women of Color tell me that in their corporate positions as of 2019, they’ve had white men and women, coming up to them, inquiring about their natural hair. It’s a fact, that our hair still makes most whites uncomfortable. However, at what point do you stop allowing yourself to be uncomfortable by your own hair? As I observe our evolution, I see that there is still a violent war against natural hair, weaves, wigs and the Black Woman. Self Love isn’t just about spa days and bubble baths. It’s about literally loving your self, from your root to your crown. Believing how beautiful and wonderful you are. You don’t think that your crown knows that you have disgust for your hair?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a green weave or blue braids, every variation of unnatural, colorful hair must be better then dealing with the hair on your own beautiful head. Don’t even get me started about the Blonde invasion. I used to love a honey highlight in my hair, but this Blonde epidemic is beginning to concern me, because it’s not even flattering for most of ya’ll. If you don’t even like your regular kinks and curls, what makes you think that a flat, straight, blonde center part is any better? Sis, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with adding things to your hair, calm down. However, YOUR hair should be number one!

There are some Black Women that go through such pain and anguish in between weaves and wigs.

I’ve seen Black Women on social media in rare natural hair moments, damn near in tears because their weave or lace front installation is a couple days away and now they’re forced to wear their own hair! The gag is, is that most of these Women have luxurious beautiful hair under their installations! However, they are so terrified of taking the time to truly love and learn their hair, that they just keep it under wraps. Apparently, the Sun, the Moon, and the natural Air is going to suddenly make all of their hair fall out.

Then some Black Women will become irate when it’s assumed that they don’t have any hair under their wigs and weaves. Well, like Haley’s comet, the hair rarely ever comes out, so sometimes it can be hard to believe. If there was a healthy balance between the fake and the real then you wouldn’t always have to convince people you have hair.

I would love to see more Black Women in Entertainment embrace their natural hair like they embrace these mostly trash ass wigs. It seems like the only time a Women of Color can wear her hair is on press tours and social media, but in their TV shows, movies, and commercials, they have to wig it up. Mostly, life imitates art. 

When everyone else is at war with your hair and there are ridiculous ass laws being passed to prevent Black Hair discrimination, why would you contribute to the war and if our hair wasn’t so powerful, why are people so scared of US wearing it? 

Could it be the natural pheromones Black Women have permeating from their crowns that may cause people, especially Men, to be attracted to them and when you add chemicals, wigs, and coverings, those things suppress that scent and powerful energy? You know they always want to make it seem as if the Melaninated Woman is less attractive then everyone else. Perhaps it’s all in the mind, body, and spirit and not just in the body, breasts and butt. 

The same way some of you lovingly look at your wigs and lacefronts, keep that same energy for your roots and coils. Similar to the way you change out your weaves, change the narrative around your hair. Nurture your crown and tell her you love her. With Love...

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