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Obliviousness is Bliss

Law of attraction and/or the Art of Natural Attraction, is your divine birth right and a universal method of focusing on maintaining copious amounts of high vibrations and happy thoughts so that you will stay in alignment with everything that feels good to you. A few tried and true ways of doing this is by meditating, appreciating, breathing, and simply finding pure thought processes to keep you feeling good mind, body, and spirit, no matter what is happening around you. This type of mindset and lifestyle has deep roots in clean, positive selfishness and narcissism. There is a degree of selfishness and narcissism you need, to fully enjoy this human experience and when animals do it, it’s not criticized. Current society low-key demonizes you for caring, loving, and putting yourself and your mental wellness first and foremost, and refusing to jump into every traumatic situation. Disengaging from things that don’t make a person feel amazing and withdrawing your attention from things that truly do not serve you.

Hue-mans in all their various shades, shapes, and sizes, came into existence to create, not regurgitate, to evolve not revolve. Imagine frequently changing your clothes or your toothbrush, followed by acting as if changing your mind for the healthier and happier is just the strangest thing ever. Stuck in your ways, as they say. You came here to feel good, not brag and boast about suffering and sacrificing for success. You came here to live for you first and all others after that. You came here to use your gifts and live out your life purpose. Fuck what people think about it.

When you are aware that what you are giving your attention too will be inflated whether it is good or bad, you should want to choose to focus your attention on all that feels good to you. True Spiritualists (tarot readers, psychics, empaths, astrologers, reiki energy workers, witches, etc.) insist that a lot of our memories can be problematic for humans because humans feel obligated to relive trauma or replay situations that do not serve them. It is vital to your personal experience to acknowledge, heal, and release any trauma you have been attached to without reciprocity. Constantly observing, listening, and repeating things that don’t make you feel good, happy, and satisfied is absurd and is something you do not have to deal with. You know you have free will, right? You have free will and innerstanding that whatever mindset you choose must be in alignment with a high vibration. There are also people that choose to be in alignment with the lowest of low vibrations and they love it there. Time is a factor and does correlate with morality. Karma is another universal energy that will find its way to you whether the actions you have taken are good or bad. High or low. Demonic or Divine.

Humans have access to what is called infinite intelligence, yet they mostly use their free will to be dumbed down by the silliest shit. Infinite intelligence is not a degree from anywhere or anything, it is literally everything aforementioned in addition to choosing and using your mind to think, create, and live your best life. No disrespect to the degreed, but knowledge does not end in a classroom and after one receives a certificate. Additionally, stop weaponizing and bullying people with your certification and regurgitation.

It is ludicrous to go against creating things in your life that you desire because of fear and doubt, some third-party skepticism, and lack of wanting to evolve your mind from a lack to luxurious mindset and lifestyle. Consider animals and their lifestyles and what they are tuned into, whether they are wild or domestic. Squirrels, for example, don’t have a clue that an alleged pandemic is happening. They are still living their best lives, looking for food, climbing trees, jumping from powerline to powerline, occasionally engaging in a chase with another squirrel and minding their business. They do not have any manipulative influencers on any level trying to talk the other squirrels out of what comes natural to them.

#TheGoodieJarBlog would like to know why in the fuck are most of you still allowing this. Everybody has choices, in the great words of the iconic E-40. Yet, the human experience chooses to mostly saturate their minds with fear, worry, guilt, weirdo shit, etc. Think about it. Now some of you might not like this, #TheGoodieJarBlog doesn’t care. Melaninated People in America, for example, truly feel like they are obligated to constantly relive and respond to racial trauma any time something bad happens. What if, stay with me now, Melaninated People decided to ignore all that shit from this blog on and replace any trauma that this low vibing society forces on us and demands from us to focus on, with healed, empowered, loving, everything BUT angry, weak, defeated, energy? Just because you ignore something, does not mean that you don’t care or you are making the opp feel better, in fact, ignoring it actually bothers opps more. Some of you will get this and some of you won’t and that’s ok.

Intuition, intelligence, and instincts are a natural trifecta. Sleeping on those three things, because of alleged experts, or your parents, or any of those low vibrational energies that #TheGoodieJarBlog described above, goes against nature. You are nature, you are not a robot. Whatever choices you make, sit with yourself, and choose wisely. Yes, we are humans, and we have greater access to energy then animals, but don’t let “them” make it seem like we’re supposed to be involved and immersed in all the madness and if we’re not, we’re wrong. Stay alert and stay alive, yet do not have to feel guilty for choosing to be blissful and oblivious. Asé.

Love, Nhayah.

Peace, Luxury, and Astrology.

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