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Years Later, Terrell Owens Still Hates Himself

Terrell Owens recently decided to announce to the collection of people who follow him while live with OchoCinco, that he too is racist towards the Women who look like him. There must be some type of compensation happening. Are these traitors of their own race being paid to publicly blacken the Black Woman?

Apparently, Terrell has nothing going on in his aimless life—not a book deal, no coaching or sports commentating opportunities, and so the only thing Owens can discuss from his IG Live with fellow retired football player, Chad Ochocinco Johnson, is how much he hates women who look like him, because when he was a child, a few little girls made him feel ugly, because according to him, he hadn't bloomed yet. This is why it is very important to be taught self love and mental strength against the external noise. That should be the first lesson taught to children, in addition to arithmetic and reading. If not, when a person is close to or in their 50’s—also known as their golden years, they will still be complaining about their unhealed traumas from decades ago and at some point, you must let that shit go. Terrell will be turning 50 in December, so the time is now.

"My experiences with Black women growing up wasn't so good," Terrell Owens remarked. "When I started dating white girls- my first experience with white girls was when I went to college. I tried to date some Black girls when I was in college. They did not like me. I was skinny, I was scrawny, I was teased from high school even to college, I got teased for being dark-skinned. So, there was a lot of self-esteem issues.

Black Men have been saying for years that they have low self-esteem and because of this, it’s apparently the Black Women’s fault. However, that concept isn’t landing. Your inner self hatred and turmoil comes from you and the weakness of your mind that allows you to be externally manipulated. He goes on to say that we all want someone who is attractive, and we want to roll over to someone that is pleasing to the eye. Is Terrell Owens insinuating that Black Women aren’t beautiful and that his mother and Grandmother who raised him, are ugly? What about his non-mixed children—are they unattractive too? There is no doubt, that this confused man still hates himself. Discovering why should not be done LIVE on IG---is something he should unpack with his therapist.

Terrell Owens chose controversy over championships during his experience with being a public figure, as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time for various NFL teams. Terrell Owens is a Sagittarius, and the archers are known as being capable of hitting their targets when remaining focused on their goals. During his fifteen years of being on the field, Mr. Owens repeatedly displayed his incapability of remaining focused while having access to opportunities of expanding whatever greatness he may have had.

Now as the non-Superbowl champion approaches a new decade with his 50th birthday coming up in December, he chooses to contribute to the assassination of Black Women’s character by attempting to publicly humiliate the divine Melanated Woman with a superfluous and senseless conversation about his romantic relationship preferences. Why must the men who look like Melanated Women work so hard to publicly disparage them? Weak Black Men have a history of forsaking the very Women that look like them over some of the silliest shit, in ways in which Melanated Women would never. White, Asian, Arabic—no other culture of men, blatantly and publicly smear their women like the Black Man does. Thus, because T.O. got picked on, decades ago, by a few women who looked like him, in the final months of his 49th year and during a time when Black Women are under severe attack by the Men who look like them, he decides to add his fuel to the fire. When he could have used that fuel, to fuel a positive impact and make an announcement on some new project or something good and useful. He, like Tyler Perry in September, popped out of nowhere to offer an unwarranted conversation on basically what needs to be recognized as Black Man on Black Woman racism.

These versions of men who have the same skin tone as Melanated people, need a new race, a new cultural identifier, because Black Man ain’t it.

Love, Nhayah

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