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Confessions of a Troller Part 1

Have you ever wondered what titillates a troller? What makes a troller fixate on something on social media and take the time during their day to go back and forth? Have you ever wondered what a person could do to have a celebrity see their shit in the comments and then block the hell out of that person? Well, as the most unknown and undefeated troller, I’m here to confess some of my trolling stories with you. I wish I would have thought to screenshot more of the responses I have received, but the only thing I can provide is screenshots of the actual blocked image from these celebrities pages. Now when you’ve been blocked, the screen will say, User Not Found. The images throughout these blogs are screenshots of the celebs including reality stars that I’m blocked by. After years of trolling, I finally took a screenshot of a celebrity responding to my trolling and I’ll share that evidence in Part 2. Let’s be clear, I mainly troll for a purpose. Sometimes I might just start some shit, but for the most part, I troll because the celebrity or non-celebrity said something crazy. Everyone has their thing and I just so happen to enjoy trolling. Maybe a little too much and that’s why I monitored myself when I started writing this blog. I realized that I had a slight problem, so I have stepped back from almost admitting myself to Troller Rehab. I will literally be going about my day and thoroughly trolling at the same damn time. All trollers aren’t sitting at home, eating hella snacks, just fucking with people on Social Media. When I catch myself being taken over by my social media troll, I ctrl+alt+dlt and esc+esc+esc. I started trolling when I had a twitter account back in 2010/11/12. The first big response I received was when, I asked Tamar Braxton why she was always crying and acting like a damn spoiled baby on the first season of the Braxton Family Values, the only season I’ve ever watched. Tamar sassily told me, girl bye and that I needed to have several seats #Boom. I didn't expect to get a response, so I thanked her. Honestly, there's never any vicious intent. Everybody knows I love Deray Davis, he’s my favorite comedian and I’ve also had several interactions with him and I’ll get into more of those in part 2. However, during this negative exchange on Twitter, Deray kept emphasizing his love of lighter complected Women in his posts. I tweeted him saying something along the lines of, “For you to have a dark complected daughter, you sure do a lot of glorifying of these lighter Women.” Deray responded with, “You know what I hate? When nosey hoes be worried about what I’m doing.” His followers laughed out loud and so I clapped back with, “Why do waffle colored dudes always get sensitive and start crying when you ask them a question?” My response was retweeted several times and that was one of my first trolling victories. I never really liked twitter, that’s why I ended up deleting my account years ago and focused on Facebook and Instagram and I must say, those platforms and I have had a wild ride. I've been thrown in Facebook jail several times and there was this one time my entire Instagram was deleted by Instagram. Yes, the whole damn Instagram was thrown away at about 700 followers and I had to start from scratch with a new one.

Before she had 2.6 million followers, I trolled her account so severely when she had about 165K that somehow my account vanished. Ya’ll know that ratchet, hot mess, @ItsLovelyMimi!? Prior to her Love & HipHop fame, when she was merely a tacky, cultural misappropriating nail tech living in DC, I severely trolled her because she kept objectifying the Black Mans penis in some of her stupid Ling Ling videos. Mimi would say things like, “My family ask me why I don’t marry nice Asian man and I tell them I love Black Men because they got BIG DIIIIICKS!!” I didn’t like that shit because the Black Man is more then his phallus and she sounded so damn stupid. Also, I didn’t understand why if she was going to be an actress, did she have to portray what would be considered the loud mouth, uneducated version of a Black Woman. From her stupid, ass faux hood accent to her over exaggerated hairstyles. I decided to go all thee way in and most of her followers tried to jump me and I was swinging on them too. I wouldn’t let up and persisted all day. Some people don’t have time to endure the savagery of the fans because they will get passionate about their little celebrity. I recall I was going so hard, that the people that agreed with me, finally started coming out of the woods in support of me. That’s what did it though. The moment I had too many people rocking with me, Mimi must have alerted the IG headquarters because shortly thereafter, my whole IG was outta there, never to be recovered again. I’m blocked by Mimi from my current IG because I went back for seconds. I really just wanted to see if she would do it again. I think I may have said something like, "I see you still out here looking and acting stupid."

So you see, it’s mostly for a purpose. The method to my trolling madness is that I love it! I’m relentless and my mindset is, I’m going to win, even if it’s at a little social media trolling. I don’t give a damn if it’s Beyoncé's beehive or Nicki’s barbz, if I see or hear something stupid, I will troll something. I mentioned to Porsha Williams from The Real Housewives of Atlanta, when I saw her sticking needles in her already beautiful nose, that her nose was fine and that the white women on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had her out here doing dumb plastic surgery shit for no reason. I believe that’s why I was BLOCKED, because I actually love Porsha, but who knows what I could have said. I’ve also been blocked by housewives, Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes, however, I think they either made new pages or they unblocked me, because I see all their pages now. I don’t recall why the infamous, non-mother fucking factor, Basketball ex-wife Tami Roman blocked me, but I’m BLOCKED. I'm sure I said something about her reality show toxicity, but I didn’t like her anyway, so I consider that a job well done. I’m blocked by Basketball never a wife and always throwing shit, Evelyn Lozada and Married to Medicines loud mouth dentist, Dr. Heavenly. My issue with the doctor is she's just too damn loud and she doesn't see anything wrong with her actions. I don't like people that do not take the proper time to self reflect and see how their actions could be negatively effecting environments.

I haven’t been blocked by anyone in 2019 yet, although I feel like I almost came close when me and Speech from Arrested Development had a slight back and forth about the R. Kelly situation. I’m not sure how I constantly grab certain peoples attention, but I do! In Part 2, I will reveal the bigger names I was blocked by as recent as 2018. They’re pretty good too, plus I have a screenshot of one celebrities response to me. Happy Trolling! With Love...

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