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Confessions of a Troller Part 2

I’ve been blocked by so many people, sometimes it shocks me. I get too caught up in responding to them, that I forget to get the evidence before they block me. Just like in part one, the images throughout this blog will be of the pages I am blocked by. When you're blocked by someone, it will say User Not Found. I will be revealing who I was blocked by TWICE recently and this time, I have the screenshot of that celebrity responding to me. In the future if I get blocked and they respond, I will do my best to screenshot it, because once I’m blocked, I can no longer see the messages.

Let’s get into it. I mentioned in Part One that comedian, actor, and polygamist, Deray Davis and I have a little history on social media from some back and forth when I used to have a Twitter to my shocking blocking on Instagram. I absolutely love him and he is my favorite comedian, so you can imagine how much it broke my heart when I discovered that I had been blocked by him. I was the one that first told Deray Davis that his comedy special, PowerPlay was finally available on Netflix and he had responded that he hadn’t known that. When Netflix took his comedy special down a couple of months later, I immediately told him about it on Instagram and he responded AGAIN, saying that he would look into it! I’m not sure where we went wrong, because I don't believe I would have said something crazy to him. However, there are times when I forget I like the person and call them out on something they said, so who knows. Somebody go ask Deray to unblock me! I know I'm blocked by K. Michelle because I viciously clowned her plastic surgery mishaps and her toxic personality. Listen, she needed to hear that and as you can see, she got rid of her plastic surgery. An example of when trolling can be effective.

Cardi B’s famous publicist, Patience has me blocked as well. I’m not quite sure how I found her page and started some shit, but I did. I wasn’t even trying too, but I figure she popped off so bad that she just had to block me and like I said once, I’m blocked the messages vanish. If I would have screenshot those, that would have been epic. @iamkingpee posted some Instagram stories with a dope motivational speaker in the background and I had messaged her at least twice about who the speaker was and she never responded. Then Patience posts some stories, showcasing these blue Chanel sneakers that I didn’t think were so cute and so I told her how I felt about them. Patience was pissed and responded to my messages, vehemently defending her shoes. See that irritated me, because here I am patiently asking you about some good shit, but then I message you with some bullshit and now you want to talk shit? I asked Patience why didn’t she respond when I was asking her about the speaker, but will pop off in a response because of my opinion about those shoes. Unfortunately, I don’t remember every word we exchanged, but I do remember her politely telling me, “You bitches need to pick a side." I’m assuming she said that because I was nice in one message and didn’t like her shoes in the next message. I really didn't want to be blocked by her but oh well, another one bit the dust. Most of them love responding to negativity, but will breeze past positivity. I love Jess Hilarious and actually tried to catch one of her comedy shows in two cities I didn’t live in while visiting: Atlanta and Dallas. I was at the airport in Atlanta trying to get those tickets, but the show was sold out. Traffic is so absurd in Dallas that my model friend and I got stuck in traffic and missed several comedic acts, including Jess’. Monique was the headliner that night. My black dollars made several efforts and JessHilarious’ ignorant ass comments about Black economics is what got me blocked. As a social media born comedian, I guess she spent no time in between posting Instagram skits to google what “Black Dollar” meant. Last year, the comedian made some imbecilic videos about how all kinds of dollars comes to her shows; Asians, white, Latino, etc. and Black dollars is not a real thing. Pure and utter fuckery is what I recall about her rant especially considering that her majority fan base is Black. 

Since I like Jess, I sent her a litany of comments genuinely explaining what the Black Dollar was at first and I wasn’t alone. She was receiving comments from what seemed like everyone, trying to provide her with clarity about Black Economics and/or just telling her how freaking stupid she was. I guess the only way she could stop the Black outrage was to block errbody. Jess did shoot a warning shot telling all the “woke people” that she would block them if they kept going and I remember asking her why she would block the people trying to give her facts, but her blindness wouldn’t allow for any light. This trolling session went on for two days and the next morning, I was surprised I hadn't been blocked yet! It was in that moment that I realized that I enjoyed trolling and that is when I decided to force her hand. I remember starting up with Jess Hilarious first thing in the am when I noticed she was still standing by her Black Dollar ignorance! I’m not sure how long it took but before the day was over, as she promised, I was blocked. It's always amazing to me when the people with the loudest mouths are the quickest to get mad when people match that energy. 

I absolutely love the show Insecure and I blogged weekly episode recaps for seasons 1 and 2. I did miss season 3, but I might resume the recap blogs for season 4. I also used to be shared some mutual friends with Insecure’s producer, Denise Davis’, because we all grew up in Las Vegas and went to Cheyenne Highschool. My final connection to the show, is that I’ve been blocked my a major cast member and this time, I got the screenshot of the response. Smart, funny, and Black Amanda Seales. Amanda’s stories are really interesting and I actually miss them very much. See what had happened was, is when she was moving from her apartment to her house, she was asking followers to ask her questions and one of them asked her if she would give the people a tour of her new place. Amanda has some really amazing decor and artwork and I personally was thinking it, when this person asked her! She’s actually who inspired the idea for my art collage I’m decorating on my wall right now! Well Amanda responded to the fan that asked with a very sassy, “I already show you guys so much of my life, I’m not going to give you a tour. If you catch it in passing then you may see it.” That set me off, ladies and gentleman. I responded with a brash, “Girl shut up and show your house. Daaamn. Ya’ll always making shit difficult. Blocking comments and telling us you moved but not showing us the house. Ugggggh.” I stand by every word too. I might have been a little aggressive, but I just really wanted to see the decor and how she would hang her art collection! Plus, I might have still been mad about Omari Hardwick being mean to a fan because she tried to get an autograph while he was with his family. Omari was making it seem as if he was mad that the fan didn’t recognize his wife. Newsflash, your fans are not worried about your family, they only want to see the talent, unless the fans like the family too and/or they’re famous. They get a little fame and now they act like they are so overwhelmed by fans. Anyways, I don’t think Amanda noticed it until I made another comment about what historical figure I would play when she was asked about what historical figure she would play or produce in a movie. I can admit I was being a little messy. Now I would be able to see her story from my second Instagram account, but I’m blocked by her there too. I bet you're thinking damn Nhayah, leave folks alone. I know, I know that’s why I've been been minding my business on social media. Well, I felt like Amanda was excessively using the N word in one of her stories and I have the screenshots of both of her responses below.

I told you I love trolling, however, I have loved it a little bit too much. I could spend hours responding to people if a back and forth ensues and I am very victorious in these interactions every time because in everything I do, I win. I did realize I had a lowkey problem, so lately I’ve been just seeing things and letting them pass by on social media. I mean I don’t have to respond to everything. I mastered that in life and need to carry that into my social media interactions as well. Just in case though, I have my handy dandy second account if my main bih gets compromised again in the case of Lovely Mimi. Remember, if you see something, troll something.  With Love...

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